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New Warzone Pacific trailer showcases plane dogfighting & anti-aircraft weaponry

Published: 7/Dec/2021 0:08

by Theo Salaun


Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific map is nearly here and a new trailer showed fans a glimpse of what to expect. Among the shenanigans, it was hard not to notice just the game’s plane dogfighting and anti-aircraft weaponry.

Vehicles are a big deal in Warzone. A big map with lots of players and different environments? Driving or flying around is often a pivotal element of the game, enabling people to rotate safely or find aggressive positions.

While the most notorious vehicles in Verdansk were the helicopters and cargo trucks (aka Big Berthas), things are changing with the Pacific, Caldera map. Of most intrigue is the introduction of fighter planes, which have been speculated about for months now.


In the new trailer for Caldera, fans got to see just how these planes will compete for the skies — with teases of dogfighting and what seems to be landlocked anti-aircraft weaponry.

Warzone Pacific trailer shows off plane combat

Although the trailer features a good deal of planes whipping around the skies, the real aerial action begins around the 1-minute mark. Around that point, you see one plane flying after another, with machine guns blaring out bullets.

But that plane doesn’t go down in flames until something else takes care of it: an anti-aircraft gun. Around a minute in, you see someone hop into a big rig, swing it around, and start firing heavy flak shots at a plane, which almost instantly evaporated in a blaze of glory.


vanguard warzone season 1 battlepass planes
Planes feature heavily into Warzone Pacific’s promotional material.

To kick off Vanguard integration and Pacific, Caldera’s launch, there’s going to be a Vanguard Royale mode entirely dedicated to the new festivities. This will likely be the best bet for players who want to test the planes out themselves.

Whether you want to shoot down players from the sky, shoot other planes from the sky, or shoot planes down from the ground — it certainly seems like Warzone Pacific is going to have some options.