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Invincible “God Mode” hackers are sabotaging Warzone matches

Published: 1/May/2020 1:33

by Alan Bernal


A Warzone match that came down to six players was heavily one-sided after the remaining squad was convinced they were up against a “God Mode” hacker who couldn’t even be shot at.

It didn’t take long after at all for cheaters to infiltrate Modern Warfare’s servers. From the game’s Multiplayer component to the free-to-play battle royale, there’s been a heavy presence of people hacking in numerous matches.

Everything from the typical wallhacks to speed hacks have been employed by Warzone cheaters, but sometimes the game’s glitches can make it seem like a OP hacker is taking control of a game.


Infinity Ward
Modern Warfare players are encountering opponents in Warzone that just can’t die.

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Rarely taking down the typical cheater – resulting in an instant feeling almost as gratifying as winning a Warzone match. Though that wasn’t to be for user ‘The___Shadow’ who thinks they encountered a new type of hacker all together.

After taking the high-ground on a building in Torsk Bloc, the three-member squad felt comfortable about their chances of winning out in the Warzone match, especially when someone was walking on the ground being pushed in by the closing gas.

The___Shadow and their friends immediately noticed something was amiss when their crosshairs were dead-locked on the lone survivor, but the shots weren’t actually landing.


New Type of Hacker? God Mode, no hit markers, and protection from gas. Really dampens the mood to get 2nd to a hacker. Enjoy my squad freaking out on coms from CODWarzone

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Instead, the player on the floor was unphased by the reign of gunfire only to return pinpoint accurate hits.

Even when the gas was swarming into blanket the scene, did the player just casually gun down the squad.

“New Type of Hacker?” Shadow surmised. “God Mode, no hit markers, and protection from gas. Really dampens the mood to get 2nd to a hacker.”’

More players reported coming across the same kind of player where they couldn’t be shot at or die from Warzone’s gas.

The___Shadow via Reddit
Shooting at the Warzone player didn’t register hitmarks that would usually land.

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Though some people suspected it had to do with a respawn glitch that has been popping up from time to time in Warzone.


“This happened to me last night,” user ‘freboto’ said. “I became invincible after a glitch where I was not able to jump out of the plane. I died and did not go to the gulag. When my teammates got me back in from a buy station I was invincible but didn’t realize before the final circle.”

In either case, this would be something that the Infinity Ward devs patch up to prevent more Warzone matches from being sabotaged by these sorts of instances.