Wild Vanguard glitch gives players infinite flamethrower attachment on ARs

Flamethrower VanguardActivision

In a world where Incendiary Grenades and other fire-like weapons were terrorizing Vanguard, a new flame-ridden problem has appeared after a Call of Duty player’s Assault Rifle flamethrower attachment began spewing infinite flames.

It’s not the first time Vanguard has experienced issues with flames as ever since the release of Incendiary Grenades at the beginning of Season 1, players were experiencing some of the worst spawn camps.

Fortunately, after enough weeks of dying fiery deaths, Sledgehammer made some changes specifically to Fortified and Dauntless in the mid-season update that helped combat the issue. But instead of just fixing the problem, it ended up causing a glitch to emerge making fans invincible to fire altogether.

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Although this was a welcomed glitch in the eyes of players, that seemed to be the end of the problem… until a new glitch appeared.

CoD Vangaurd Incendiary Grenade gameplayActivision
Incendiary Grenades were prevalent in almost every Vanguard loadout in Season 1

Flamethrower attachment glitch gives Vanguard players permanent fire

Following the February 3 update, an odd new glitch has turned a player’s BAR into a flamethrower.

In a clip posted by Reddit user OracleEnlightenment on the COD Vanguard subreddit, it can be seen that the player’s BAR is spewing flames from the barrel going on a fiery rampage. The Redditor was looking to go on an absolute tear but, unfortunately, the round ended prior to that being seen.

Although the flamethrower attachment glitch is seen through Search and Destroy’s spectator cam, meaning that there’s a very strong chance that it’s a visual bug.

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It’s known that the BAR is an insane close-quarters monster in Warzone but this new glitch takes the weapon to new heights. One thing’s for certain though – something like this running around in Vanguard might make players scared of fire once again.