New Deathmatch Domination game mode coming to Modern Warfare

Connor Bennett

Infinity Ward is set to drop their latest playlist update for Modern Warfare and will be adding an all-new game mode that combines Team Deathmatch and Domination into one, called Deathmatch Domination.

Ever since the newest installment to the Call of Duty franchise released back on October 24, Infinity Ward have introduced plenty of new content. There have been skins, new weapons, maps, and regular game mode changes to give fans a little bit of everything. 

Now, though, they are preparing to shake things up with some more changes to the current multiplayer playlist with a never before seen mode that combines two of the game’s biggest fan-favorite modes into one. 

An image of characters fighting inside Call of Duty Modern Warfare.
Modern Warfare has received a tonne of new content since it’s initial launch.

It is called Deathmatch Domination and if it sounds pretty simple to figure out, well, that’s because it is. As the name gives away, the new mode is a blend of Team Deathmatch with Domination – meaning that you have to both play the objective and try not to cost your team a tonne of deaths.

“Capture the flags and take down enemies in your path and both will push your team to victory on the scoreboard,” said Infinity Ward, describing the mode in their weekly blog update.  

As for the other changes to multiplayer, this new update will see fans given the opportunity to, once again,  juke it out in 24/7 Shipment – an easy way to quickly level up given the fast and close-quarters nature of the map.

An image of Call of Duty characters engaged in a firefight.
Domination has historically been a fan-favorite for Call of Duty players, but now it’s getting a hybrid version.

There will also be a change to Gunfight, with Infinity Ward bringing out Customized Gunfight – doing away with the random nature of the 2v2 mode and letting players create a loadout before doing battle.

As ever, these changes to the multiplayer playlist will take their places inside the online portion of Modern Warfare so simply select them and away you go. 

Just be sure to take the right weapons with you – especially in Gunfight.

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