Modern Warfare leaker claims to reveal Season 2 & battle royale details

An image of characters fighting inside Call of Duty Modern Warfare.Infinity Ward

Call of Duty YouTuber TheGamingRevolution claims to have revealed new information about Modern Warfare season two, including brand new quests and details about the still-unconfirmed battle royale mode.

Following the path set by Fortnite and their battle pass, many other multiplayer titles have followed suit – splitting their new additions into ‘seasons’ and dropping plenty of new content like maps, cosmetics, and challenges to play through.

For Modern Warfare, the first season kicked off back in December, adding the iconic map of Crash. The end date for the season has since been pushed back, and while some fans might be questioning why, and what they can look forward to, CoD leaker TheGamingRevolution has claimed to have some early information.

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An image of characters fighting in Call of Duty Modern Warfare.Activision
Modern Warfare is the most played game of this console generation.

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In his newest upload, the YouTuber claimed to have gotten his hands on the in-game strings that reveal what has been added by the developers. His first reveal came in the form of four new quest lines that have challenges inside – including one that involves running players over with vehicles.

Aside from that, TheGamingRevolution also noted that he had some new information about the supposed battle royale mode inside Modern Warfare – claiming to have been sent a loading screen for when the mode actually becomes available.

He also claimed that a source within Infinity Ward explained that the battle royale has been “delayed” in line with the season one end date as it “needs more time.” However, that doesn’t mean that it is absolutely coming with season two. The sourced noted that it is a possibility, but the BR could also come in season three, or be canceled altogether if it doesn’t “release soon.”

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YouTube: TheGamingRevolution
The apparent new loading screen for Modern Warfare’s battle royale.

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While there’s no solid information on what maps could come in season two, there are some new modes seemingly coming, as logos for One in the Chamber and All or Nothing have been added to the game’s files. 

As for other content, the YouTuber speculated that there would be a new operator in the form of the Ghost of Verdansk as his face and logo has been appearing on multiplayer maps. There could also be two weapons as well, with an SMG, LMG, and Ballistic Knife surfacing in different files. 

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As ever, while the YouTuber has proven to have good information in the past, it’s always worth taking everything with a pinch of salt until it is available in-game.

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After all, Infinity Ward could very well change their minds depending on a number of factors – including scrapping things altogether because they’ve been leaked. We’ll just have to wait and see.