New Black Ops Cold War trailer reveals possible look at next Warzone map

Albert Petrosyan

A new video for Black Ops Cold War’s Fireteam multiplayer mode may have given the Call of Duty community its first look at the next battle royale map in Warzone.

[jwplayer L7zZP3SQ]

When Activision confirmed that Warzone would continue to exist beyond Modern Warfare, many came to the conclusion that either a whole new BR map would be released or massive changes would be made to the current one.

In either case, we may have gotten our first glimpse at what Warzone will look like in Black Ops Cold War, thanks to the new trailer released for the Fireteam: Dirty Bomb mode in the BOCW Beta.

At several points in the video, there are shots shown that closely resemble what the battle royale looks like. For example, there’s this view of a player dropping down with a parachute in a fashion very similar to Warzone.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone
Could this be our first look at the Warzone map in Black Ops Cold War?

We also have a brief view of a massive military-style plane, just like the one that flies over Verdansk and drops players off.

Black Ops Cold War Warzone
The airplane shown in the latest Black Ops Cold War Fireteam trailer closely resembles the one that flies over Verdansk in Warzone.

This ties in with a video that dataminers dug up and posted on Reddit – the file was called “wz_startscreen” and features a slideshow of images from the two large-scale Fireteam maps, even before they were officially revealed.

Those of you who may discount this theory or think it’s too big of a stretch would do well to remember that Activision teased Warzone way before it was even officially announced. They went as far as to even include glimpses of the battle royale in the Modern Warfare multiplayer trailer in May of 2019, almost a whole year before it was released.

Furthermore, several of MW’s bigger maps, specifically in Ground War, are based on Warzone locations, and vice-versa, so it’s perfectly plausible for Treyarch to use these large-scale terrains for both Fireteam and as points of interest on the new BR map.

There’s also overwhelming speculation, based on several leaks, that there will be a nuclear event in Verdansk that’ll transform the map completely to fit within the world of BOCW, which would explain why these new areas are so different from what we’re used to seeing in WZ.