Nadeshot roasts Lightning Pandas CoD pro Xotic during Black Ops 4 match

Despite being an owner of one of the biggest esports organizations in Call of Duty, 100 Thieves’ Matthew ‘Nadeshot’ Haag didn’t recognize a CoD pro in-game and hilarity ensued.

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Nadeshot was one of the lucky few who got a chance to play Black Ops 4 before it was officially released in America, meaning he constantly ran into the most dedicated players.

One such player was Lighting Pandas’ own CoD pro player John ‘Xotic’ Bruno, who Nadeshot didn’t recognize until it was far too late.

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During a game of Domination, Nadeshot was surprised to find out that his team had won the game despite having been trapped in their spawn for most of the game.

Nadeshot immediately recognizes ‘Xotic16’ in game since someone who goes by ‘Xotic’ is a frequent viewer and is usually active in Nadeshot’s chat.

“Xotic, are you in this fucking game? Are you my chat and game? Hold up, how did we win after they were spawn-killing us the entire time? Xotic if this is you, I’m gonna be mad at you!” Nadeshot says as the play of the game is showing on stream.

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Where things go wrong, though, is when Nadeshot makes the assumption that the enemy player was just a random and not the pro player.

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“This is a different one? I was about to say. That ‘Xotic’ dude is trash. ‘Xotic16,’ you fucking suck, bro. How are you spawn-killing my team that entire time and we beat you by 60-70 points? Garbage.”

However, someone in chat lets Nadeshot know that the player is indeed the one and only Xotic, forcing the 100 Thieves owner to backtrack in hilarious fashion.

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“Oh, Xotic’s a pro? Oh shit, my bad. My bad,” he said hilariously. “You’re nasty. He’s a pro? Who is that? You’re mad nice!”

Nadeshot might have put together one of the most impressive rosters for the upcoming Black Ops 4 season, but it seems like he might want to get a rundown of the pro scene before roasting another unsuspecting player.

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