MWZ players beg devs to implement reconnect feature due to server crashes

John Esposito
MWZ players beg devs to implement reconnect feature due to server crashes

Server instability is rampant in MWZ, and MW3 players are begging the developers to implement a reconnect feature to alleviate the issue.

This year’s CoD title, MW3, is the first Modern Warfare game to feature a Zombies portion after it’s been a series staple in previous entries.

Headed by Treyarch, players drop into a hybrid mashup of Zombies and DMZ titled Operation Deadbolt. The goal is to hop in, loot up, complete contracts, and exfil safely.

While Operation Deadbolt might sound relatively simple, server crashes and instability have made it a nightmare for some players.

MWZ players beg for a reconnect feature

As mentioned, Operation Deadbolt is a zombified spin on last year’s DMZ mode from Modern Warfare 2. It’s a simplified version of looter-shooter elements from Escape from Tarkov and similar titles.

Much like Tarkov, once you’re in a match, the only way out is via a successful exfil. If you die, you lose everything you found, with no other way to get your belongings back.

This last bit is important, as MWZ players have voiced their frustration over losing in-game progress due to circumstances outside their control. For example, MWZ player RainofJustice explained frustration over constant crashing, which led to the loss of loot found, and a plea for a reconnect feature.

This discussion opened the door for others who shared the same feelings with some stating the Tombstone Perk should negate this issue. “At this point, they should just make the tombstone perk on everyone, and if you disconnect it acts as a death so you can AT LEAST attempt to get your shit back,” one stated.

However, it may not be that simple, as many replied Tombstone doesn’t activate unless you’re “fully dead.” It doesn’t account for server disconnects or crashes.

It’s a rather unfortunate situation, and given CoD titles only last a year, hopefully, the developers have plans to sort this out soon.

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