Modern Warfare 3 players applaud Riot Shield nerf for Season 1

Brianna Reeves
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MW3 developers have reportedly nerfed the Riot Shield for Season 1, news that’s music to the ears of countless players.

Since launch, Modern Warfare 3’s Riot Shield has been a thorn in the side for many players. The problem stems from the fact that some people utilize the shield as an extra layer of cover on their back when it’s not in use.

Because of this hiccup and others, a contingent of MW3 players have called for developers to rework the shield mechanic. Others want it removed from the game outright. Fortunately for the former, it looks like Sledgehammer Games took this feedback to heart.

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Riot Shield-specific changes will hit the new Call of Duty title very soon, according to YouTuber TheXclusiveAce.

MW3 content creator explains Riot Shield nerf

Recently, content creators such as TheXclusiveAce were given a chance to go hands-on with MW3’s Season 1 content. The YouTuber walked players through gameplay and developer insights in a new video, wherein the topic of Riot Shields occupied center stage for a time.

Season 1 will introduce rebalanced Riot Shields, such that players will receive a “movement penalty” even when the shield’s on their backs. In other words, Riot Shield users should expect to be “noticeably slowed down.”

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It’s not all doom and gloom for this specific weapon, however. To compensate for the movement penalty, developers have rebuffed the melee damage. Now players will be able to land two-hit kills with the shield, instead of the standard three-hit kill. Riot Shield talk begins around the 6:00 minute mark in the following video:

Those who use MW3’s Riot Shields as intended can expect a new buff, whereas players who only carry them on their backs will soon be out of luck.

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It seems many couldn’t be happier about this particular bit of news. TheXclusiveAce’s video has made the rounds on Reddit, where players have labeled the change a “good middle ground.”

One user noted, “I see this as a win/win. Great news that addresses both camps.” Someone else shared a similar sentiment, writing, “This is absolutely the right play. A riot shield shouldn’t be a crutch to protect your back. Glad they’re giving it back to 2-hit melee to compensate for the movement penalty.”

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MW3 faithful can test out these changes and more for themselves in the coming days. Season 1 will go live on Wednesday, December 6.

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