MW3 players frustrated as fan-favorite weapon is totally “unusable”

Connor Bennett

Modern Warfare 3 players have been left frustrated as a longtime fan-favorite weapon has been “unusable” in multiplayer amid a recent round of changes. 

When Modern Warfare 3 was first announced, plenty of longtime Call of Duty fans were excited about the nostalgia rush that it would bring. You’ve got Makarov, Captain Price, all the classic maps from the original Modern Warfare 2, and a fair few weapons as well. 

Since the game has been out, the nostalgia has continued, and fans have been praising it as one of the best installments of the CoD franchise for a few years. 

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However, it hasn’t been totally plain sailing as players have been annoyed by armory unlocks, modes being removed, and, among other things, the wait for the Warzone integration. On top of that, they’ve also been left frustrated by some “unusable” weapons in multiplayer – especially one that has been around CoD for years. 

MW3 players annoyed that MW2 weapons are “unusable” right now

Right now, the most “unusable” weapon that players have struggled with is the Crossbow. Many believe it is significantly underpowered compared to how it used to be, and is far too slow these days as well. 

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“I would use the Crossbow all the time in MW2 was extremely consistent one shots and now in MW3 can’t get them to save my life,” said one player, who showed off a video of them struggling to even get two hit kills with it. 

“MW3 HP is 150 and all MW2 guns are built around 100 hp so they didn’t balance any of the old guns to do accurate amounts of damage for the larger health pool. It’s not the guns themselves it’s just the devs’ laziness,” added one. “They clearly didn’t even touch most of the MWII weapons before launch, just imported them as is,” another said. 

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Though, the complaints extend beyond the Crossbow too. “This isn’t just the crossbow. Many of the marksman rifles in MW2 are borderline useless. You might as well use an airsoft gun,” another player commented.

It remains to be seen if weapons from MW2, like the Crossbow, will be buffed when the devs start dishing out some changes. It’s clearly something fans want, but it could be tricky.

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