MrRoflWaffles: How Black Ops Cold War will “revolutionize” CoD Zombies

Tanner Pierce

Call of Duty Zombies YouTuber MrRoflWaffles spoke to Dexerto about what he thinks about the new Black Ops Cold War Zombies mode, and what he thinks could be improved from Black Ops 4.

Even though a majority of Call of Duty players focus on Multiplayer, especially now with the popularity of Warzone, there’s still an extremely passionate community focused on Zombies. For them, surviving rounds of the undead, solving easter eggs, and speculating about the lore is what they love most. 

One of the most prominent members of the community, YouTuber MrRoflWaffles (real name Milo), sat down with Dexerto to talk about Black Ops Cold War’s version of Zombies after its recent reveal and, overall, he seemed fairly impressed by the mode.

Treyarch has unveiled a slew of changes coming to Black Ops Cold War’s Zombies mode.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies changes

The changes to the mode – such as loadouts, weapon rarities, usable equipment, etc., which are all brand new for Zombies – “is going to completely revolutionize the mode,” he said.

“If the weapon rarity system and the loadout system and the player progression systems are implemented in the way that I’m hoping and thinking they will be, we should have more options for using an entirely diverse set of weapons in higher rounds without feeling like we’re being capped and that’s really, really exciting,” Milo explained.

The YouTuber was very happy with what he saw, even saying the reveal was “as textbook perfectly executed as I ever could have imagined,” but there are still things he’s hoping Treyarch commits to improving from Black Ops 4 Zombies.

One of the biggest things Milo hopes Treyarch changes is incentivizing people to complete the easter egg.

Black Ops Cold War Zombies improvements

While Milo hopes that the communication from the studio changes with this entry’s Zombies experience, which he feels was sorely lacking in the previous iteration, he also said that the progression and rewards need to be improved upon.

“What I think they need to do this year is incentivize you for completing the easter egg, they also need to incentivize you for your extractions…If they can give you some kind of reward that isn’t just some sort of emblem, something the player base is going to be really keen to grind towards and to earn, then Zombies will go from being a mode that the most casual players play once when their friends are over… [to] something that they’ll want to play over and over again.”

Right now, fans have only seen a few specific parts of the mode, but reception from the community has been generally positive. Here’s hoping that Treyarch can deliver not just a good launch experience, but an even better post-launch as well.

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