Modern Warfare & Warzone ban wave apparently banning innocent players

Daniel Cleary
modern warfare character

Call of Duty players have claimed that their accounts were wrongly banned from Modern Warfare and Warzone following the title’s latest ban wave.

[jwplayer br5AuoVJ]As with many online multiplayer titles, Modern Warfare and Warzone have experienced their fair share of players cheating to get advantages over their in-game opponents.

While Activision has been punishing those who are found to have used cheats, cases have seemingly spiked in recent months with one hacker even claiming that there are cheaters in almost every Warzone match.

Warzone characters aiming weapons
Modern Warfare and Warzone recently received a massive wave of player bans.

The Modern Warfare devs are continuing to combat those looking to abuse the game, with counter-measures such as frequent ban waves to prevent cheaters from ruining the average player’s experience.

However, following the latest wave, which took place around July 7, many claimed that they were wrongly punished on Modern Warfare and that even innocent players had received permanent bans.

Call of Duty fans quickly hit out at Activision following the last set of bans, calling for the publisher to address and explain many of these unusual cases.

It was suggested that the bans could also be targeted towards those who had shown signs of toxic behavior in-game, with chat messages apparently being factored into the recent wave as well.

“I’ve been told this ban wave is to clamp down on toxic behavior,” ModernWarzone explained. “In-game chat messages seem to have gotten quite a large number of people banned.”

While it is still unclear just why some of these bans have occurred, there are also concerns over the lack of an appeal process for accounts that have been permanently banned.

One user, u/Dubzilllaaa, claimed that it is “ridiculous and unacceptable” that players currently have no way of retrieving an account they invested time or money into, in the case that they were unfairly punished.

As of now, neither Activision or Infinity Ward has addressed the concerns around the latest wave of bans.