Modern Warfare July 7 patch notes: Warzone Plunder Quads, playlist update

Albert Petrosyan

[jwplayer mCpsAxNx]Call of Duty developers Infinity Ward have rolled out another update for Modern Warfare that’s switched up the available playlists and modes in both the multiplayer and Warzone battle royale.

With Season 4 of Modern Warfare basically having reached its midway point, Infinity Ward are looking to keep the content fresh and fun for those who enjoy multiplayer, Warzone, or both.

In multiplayer, this July 7 update has brought back the fan-favorite Gunfight Tournaments, allowing players to enjoy the 2v2 mode but in a competitive setting with exclusive rewards.

Dirty Old Houseboat, a playlist that features arguably the game’s three most popular maps (Shoot House, Shipment, Rust), has also made a return, along with Realism Gun Game and a new set of modes called Bomb Objective Mosh Pit.

Infinity WardThe Bomb Objective Mosh Pit groups all the multiplayer modes that involve planting/defusing bombs.

As for Warzone, only two changes have been made – Plunder: Blood Money Quads is now available, by popular request, and Juggernaut Royale has been removed after a short stint.

Modern Warfare & Warzone July 7 patch notes

A playlist update is deploying now across Modern Warfare and Warzone!

  • Gunfight Tournaments!
  • Dirty Old Houseboat (Shoot House, Rust, Shipment)
  • Realism Gun Game
  • Bomb Objective Mosh Pit (SnD, Cyber Attack, Demo)
  • Plunder: Blood Money Quads
  • Removing Juggernaut Royale

Gunfight Tournaments

Gunfight Tournaments have been an on-and-off thing in Modern Warfare since the early days of the game. Players can enter in pairs and compete in a 16-team bracket featuring the popular 2v2 mode, unlocking XP boosts and cosmetic rewards for every round they advance.

Usually, the duo that ends up winning the whole thing gets awarded a unique and exclusive weapon blueprint that’s not available for purchase, and it appears that this time around, Infinity Ward are offering an assault rifle variant to those who finish on top.

New weapon blueprints

Speaking of weapon blueprints, this update has added several new ones to the shop, including the Alabaster and Feeding Frenzy. The Alabaster is a stark white assault rifle design that comes as part of the SERE Kit: Plunder Player Store Bundle, which Infinity Ward recommend using in the new Blood Money Quads playlist.

Infinity WardThe Alabaster weapon blueprint in Modern Warfare.

Feeding Frenzy, which is a shotgun themed after a bloody great white shark, is the featured blueprint in the Blood in the Water bundle.

Infinity WardThe Feeding Frenzy weapon blueprint in Modern Warfare.

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