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Modern Warfare & Warzone glitch puts any attachment on any gun

Published: 20/Jun/2020 18:30

by Daniel Cleary


A bizarre loadout glitch has been found in Modern Warfare & Warzone that lets players put any attachments on any weapons, which can make for some bizarre gun combos in-game.

Call of Duty players can customize weapons to their liking with the new loadout system that was implemented in Modern Warfare and Warzone.

Loadouts allow you to choose different attachments for each weapon, which can change the look of a gun and provides you with unique stat bonuses to help you in battle.

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M4A1 in loadout editor in Modern Warfare
Infinity Ward
Warzone and Modern Warfare players have found a unique “any attachments” glitch for their weapons.

There are two separate sets of loadouts that players can customize, one for Multiplayer and Warzone matches and another, that is available during private custom matches in-game.


A bizarre glitch was found with these two loadouts sets, however, where players could use attachments from another weapon class on a gun of their choosing, such as using SMG attachments on an AR.

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Call of Duty YouTuber Bubs shared this strange loadout exploit and revealed that, while all of the attachments can be seen when used in custom games, some of them appear invisible on the weapon when used in multiplayer or Warzone.

Topic starts at 2:34

While the glitch apparently works on all platforms, a mouse is needed to set up the loadouts initially, as it requires a menu to be opened after selecting one of the attachments in your custom game loadouts.


The bug is seemingly caused when a player is backed out of the custom games lobby, by a friend, while this attachment menu is up, allowing the player to select it in the multiplayer lobby and transfer the attachment to a weapon in the opposite loadout set.

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When arranged correctly, players could come up with some unusual weapon combos, such as an M4a1 with the Mp5 attachments that Bubs highlighted in the video.

Although the glitch only partially works in multiplayer and Warzone matches, with players unable to see some of the different attachments on their weapons, it is likely that Infinity Ward will be looking to patch this exploit in one of their updates.