Modern Warfare easter eggs hint at return of Ghost as Season 2 Operator

Alan Bernal

Modern Warfare players have been coming across new easter eggs throughout the game which could signal a return for Ghost, but this time as a new Operator in Season 2.

Infinity Ward dropped a massive update on January 22 with the launch of v1.13 patch which brought with it the deadly Crossbow, RAM-7 rifle balances among others, an upgrade to Field Upgrades and lot more.

Along with everything listed on the patch notes, players believe that the 1.13 update hid a few easter eggs on various maps for what could be the devs’ way of hyping up the launch of Season 2 with a fan-favorite character from Call of Duty.

Call of Duty Ghost
New in-game teasers could be hyping up the release of Ghost in Modern Warfare.

Users have been reporting strange “glitches” on different screens in the game. Reddit user ‘Mrnamesarehard’ was on Piccadilly when the wall of screens in the heart of the map briefly showed an image of a skull.

The ghostly image was gone as soon as it appeared, setting speculation ablaze for what could be the next major debut as Season 1 winds down.

Ghost would definitely be one of the most hyped returns in Modern Warfare, so it’s no surprise that Infinity Ward would opt to throw in some teasers rather than outright announcing the character.

More sightings have been reported, this time on Tavorsk District on the menus for one of the restaurants on the map.

Reddit user ‘SurvTM’ came across another skull-faced figure after the 1.13 patch went live, which looked really familiar to the other sighting.

In the middle of December, people could see basically the same image on a TV set in Arklov Peak way before the 1.13 ever dropped.

Tavorsk District Modern Warfare tv glitch teaser Ghost for Season 2
The glitched image made an appearance on another Modern Warfare teaser as well.

Even then, the general consensus was that IW was teasing their upcoming operator as a Season 2 drop.

“The rumor is that it is a revamped Simon ‘Ghost’ Riley but it could be an entirely different ‘ghost’ operator,” user ‘JohnieNobleHam’ said. “Either way I believe they recently released the teasers to let us know he will be arriving either in the next season pass or in the next buyable operators.”

If the rumors turn out to be true, IW could be set to release one of the most iconic characters in CoD history in their 2019 installment.

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