Modern Warfare 3: What is the max level cap?

Jeremy Gan
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Modern Warfare 3 has just been released, and those who are grinding the game will want to know what the highest level is, so here is everything you need to know about the maximum level cap in MW3. 

With the release of the much-hyped Modern Warfare 3 now in the hands of players, it means another year for Call of Duty players to flood the servers to get back on the grind once again. 

Be it unlocking new weapons, camos, or attachments, it’s all part of the annual grind fans know and love. But in the quest to unlock everything, you’ll need to know what MW3’s max level cap is. 

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So here is all you need to know of what MW3’s max level cap is, and what to do after reaching it. 

What is the max level cap in Modern Warfare 3? 

At launch, the max level cap for MW3 is Rank 55. Despite being quite low, this cap will most likely not be the final level cap for very long.

Just like other CoD titles, as the game goes through its seasons the max Rank cap is increased, with the last season in MW2 reaching up to Rank 850. So it’s most likely MW3 won’t stay at a max of Rank 55 for long. 

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With Season 1 expected to roll out in early December, we can expect an increase to the MW3 level cap along with it.

Are there Prestige levels in Modern Warfare 3? 

Unfortunately, there are no Prestige levels to grind after hitting the level cap of Rank 55 on launch for MW3. This has been a main point of criticism from fans, as this left players feeling unsatisfied after hitting the top rank relatively quickly. 

However, the devs might be adding back Prestige in the upcoming Season One update which is expected to come out on December 6. However, no mention of Prestige levels has been mentioned yet. 

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