Max-level MW3 players aren’t happy with the upcoming Double XP event

Max level MW3 players aren’t happy with the upcoming Double XP eventActivision

Double XP is coming to MW3 to celebrate Thanksgiving, yet some max-level players aren’t happy with its arrival.

MW3‘s arrival has been a paradox of sorts, as the newest CoD title has players battling on maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, albeit with the bells and whistles of newer CoD titles.

At its core, Modern Warfare 3 features an abundance of content to grind through, with 36 weapons boasting levels and camos to unlock, alongside 55 levels to race through. While it’s not overly challenging, the grind can be very time-consuming as methods of gaining XP are nerfed to the ground.

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Double XP events make the grind easier, and with an event inbound, it’ll certainly make some players’ lives easier. However, a large portion of the player base isn’t thrilled with the arrival of the event.

MW3 players react to Double XP event

Shared to Twitter/X, CharlieIntel confirmed that an upcoming Double XP event is coming to MW3. Starting November 22, players can earn Double XP, Double Weapon XP, and Double Battle Pass XP until November 27.

In theory, it’s a great gesture, as many players will appreciate the bump in XP gains across all core progression systems. The problem here is that for players who are max level, this event means nothing to them.

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Since Modern Warfare 2019, a core complaint has been the overall progression system. Previous CoD titles experimented with higher-level caps and also had a traditional Prestige system, giving players endless replayability.

MW3 does not feature a traditional Prestige system, and with the level cap set at 55, max-level players find additional XP gains useless.

Others shared similar feelings of frustration. One player jested: “Damn I’m so excited to not level up at all!!! Let’s f*cking go.”

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Another simply replied: “No prestige, no point.”

Unfortunately, MW3 won’t resolve any of those systems as the Seasonal Prestige system makes it return sometime in December. To all the max-level players, battle pass and gun XP will need to hold you over for the time being.

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