Modern Warfare 3 fans hit out at “horrific” inconsistent TTK

Shay Robson
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Modern Warfare 3 players are taking aim at the game’s “horrific” and “inconsistent” TTK which they claim is ruining gun fights.

Modern Warfare 3 was finally released for all players on November 10. While the game was generally praised by the community during its beta, fans are already putting MW3’s “horrific” TTK on blast.

TTK, or time-to-kill, has often been a cause of debate among Call of Duty players. During MW3’s beta, many were up in arms over the “atrocious” inconsistent TTK times, which are much longer than MW2’s speedy TTK.

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MW3 player slams “horrific” inconsistent TTK

On November 11, one CoD fan kicked off a Reddit thread discussing what are the two worst things about MW3’s multiplayer so far. According to OP, the worst thing in the game is the “horrific” and “inconsistent” TTK, explaining it’s ruining gun fights in Modern Warfare 3.

“The hit detection is horrific,” they wrote. “The shoot first and dies, inconsistent TTK ruins the entire point of gunfights in this game.”

On top of that, the player explained that MW3’s connection issue, which plays a part in the “god awful” hit detection, is the next big problem in the game.

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“The connection which probably is part of the bad hit detection… is god awful. The latency, ping, connection meters mean nothing if I have a low ping but still lag everywhere,” the user added.

Others in the replies noted several other pressing issues in Modern Warfare 3, such as the “pointlessly convoluted unlock system.”

However, many agreed that the game’s TTK and lag are at the top of their list. “Hit detection and TTK as well. The lag is so bad,” said one. “I’m sure it’s a lag thing and I’m actually not shooting first. It’s so maddening.”

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“Definitely the hit detection and inconsistent TTK,” wrote another. “My K/D is horrible already because it seems like I get dropped with 3 bullets but it takes like 8 for me to get a kill.”

“I hate the TTK. Feels like every gun is shooting peas. Tried using my MW2 guns and they were even worse,” said a third.

It’s unclear whether or not we’ll see Sledgehammer Games take action and resolve complaints. However, we’ll keep you updated right here on Dexerto if they do.

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