Modern Warfare 3 devs make bold claim about improved movement speed

Highrise in MW3Activision

Modern Warfare 3 revealed footage and images of all 16 MW2 (2009) map remakes, but improved mantling speed stole the show.

Sledgehammer Games is at the helm for Modern Warfare 3 and has fans excited after addressing long-awaited community requests. First, the classic mini-map returns, meaning players will have their location revealed when firing an unsuppressed weapon. Next, the devs heard complaints and slowed down multiplayer TTK speed by increasing base health to 150.

MW3 re-empowers players by allowing them to vote on which map they play in multiplayer. Finally, Sledgehammer promised wide-sweeping movement changes, including the return of slide and reload canceling and faster movement speed.

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Community members remained skeptical about said movement changes until they tried Modern Warfare 3. Yet they certainly were impressed after seeing a first glimpse at improved mantling, and the devs promised it only gets better.

Modern Warfare 3 players impressed by fast mantle speed

Sledgehammer Games revealed footage of MW2 (2009) maps in Modern Warfare 3. While sharing a first look at the Highrise remake, the devs showed an operator sprinting around the map and mantling to previously unreachable locations.

Faster sprinting and mantling speeds jumped off the screen, and one fan expressed their appreciation: “Thank you for making the movement and mantling a lot faster.”

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Sledgehammer Games responded to the thankful fan: “Movement feels even better than it looks.”

Fellow Modern Warfare 3 community members felt just as excited after watching the new and improved movement in action.

One fan responded: “Fast mantle. That’s promising. Can’t wait to see what the aim down sight and sprint to fire looks like.

A second user added: “This s*it looks so good… the movement looks so smooth.”

However, the clip did raise skepticism over players being able to jump into new locations. As a third commenter said: “As an OG MW2 player, mantling on new things, I may not know how I feel about it right now, but I’m willing to adapt.”

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We will get our first look at the new and improved Modern Warfare 3 movement in action at Call of Duty Next.

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