Modern Warfare 2’s flash grenades are so bright players are begging for a “dark mode”

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Flash grenades in Modern Warfare 2 achieve their purpose, but too effectively. Players want a dark mode feature to help deal with the headache-inducing equipment item.

Modern Warfare 2 introduced an arsenal of new equipment items. Most notably, the Drill Charge finally gave players a way to deal with campers. Players even lauded it as CoD’s “best addition” in years.

While the Drill Charge is unique to Call of Duty, flash grenades appear in every first-person shooter title. The classic grenade temporarily blinds opponents. In CS:GO, players can turn around to avoid getting flashed, but CoD players don’t have that same luxury.

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Modern Warfare 2 players feel the brunt of every flash grenade thrown and are especially disoriented on smaller maps such as Shipment and Shoot House.

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Modern Warfare 2 flash grenades are in need of a nerf.

Modern Warfare 2 players fed up with overpowering flash grenades

A Reddit user pleaded for the MW2 developers to add “dark mode” flash grenades as an option.

Battlefield 2042 has an accessibility feature that allows players to change the concussion effect from bright to dark.

So, Instead of the entire screen flashing white and causing eye strain, the screen cuts to black.

One player responded, “That’d be amazing. They’re burning through my skull with the frequency they’re thrown in this game.”

MW2 does have the Battle Hardened perk, which reduces the effect of flash grenades, but a second user argued the perk is not effective enough.

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“Either that or buff battle hardened because that perk doesn’t do almost anything against flashbang.”

A third community member jokingly claimed, “No joke, I’ve started playing shipment with sunglasses on.”

For now, the best advice we have is to equip a Trophy System, which deflects grenades or even close your eyes. We will provide an update if flash grenades receive a nerf.