MW2 players praise the Drill Charge as CoD’s “best addition” in years


Some players believe Modern Warfare 2 suffers from severe camping problems, but the Drill Charge is a perfect countermeasure.

Modern Warfare 2 controversially reworked Dead Silence into a Field Upgrade. The powerful ability allows players to traverse maps silently and formerly was a Loadout Perk. Players complained during MW2’s beta that footsteps were too loud, playing right into campers’ hands.

Using Dead Silence for entire matches would help alleviate audio problems, but the developers decided to tackle grievances from a different angle. Infinity Ward decreased the overall range of footstep audio., and the Field Upgrade’s activation sound effect was “drastically reduced.”

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Both changes address community concerns, but camping still plagues MW2. Fortunately, an underrated Lethal equipment item is the perfect remedy.

Modern Warfare 2 OperatorsActivision
Footstep audio has been a significant point of contention for MW2 players.

What is the Drill Charge?

The Drill Charge is a Lethal grenade that burrows into surfaces before exploding.

It is perfect for dealing with enemies on the opposite side of walls in a building or immobilizing vehicles.

Reddit user TylerNy315 claimed, “The drill charge is the best addition to a CoD in years.” They argued that it is a perfect counter to the community’s most significant problem with Modern Warfare 2019.

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One player responded, “Trophy systems don’t stop the explosion through walls, of course, and so it’s often hard to clear an indoor objective site without drills.”

A second player added, “Agreed, I can’t be bothered to use anything other than the Drill Charge at this point.”

The Drill Charge will not only be good for clearing out rooms in Multiplayer but also for decimating vehicles in Warzone 2. We will surely see the Lethals’ use further evolve as the meta game’s meta takes shape.

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