Modern Warfare 2’s aim assist revives heated controller vs mouse & keyboard feud

Modern Warfare 2 gameplayActivision

A Reddit video explaining Call of Duty’s “rotational aim assist” sparked the age-old debate of controller versus mouse and keyboard.

Aim assist is a tool that evens the playing field between console and PC players on FPS titles. Simply put, aim assist snaps the crosshair onto enemies while using a controller to compensate for its limited mobility compared to a keyboard and mouse.

Professional Warzone player Aydan believes aim assist gives console players an “unfair” advantage. OpTic Gaming’s ‘Dashy‘ explained why nerfing aim assist could improve Call of Duty forever.

A video showcasing Call of Duty’s “rotational aim assist” fueled the fire of an already contentious debate.

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What is rotational aim assist?

Reddit user Craz-Zucchini1984 created a video showing different examples of rotational aim assist on a controller.

Players are pre-conditioned to aim with the right stick while using a controller. However, for rotational aim assist, only using the left stick or slightly touching the right stick makes the game do all the leg work for you.

Watching the video below does better justice than any explanation.

One player in the comments did their best to break down the feature. “You should be primarily using the left stick only & using the right stick only to snap your reticle or turn on people.”

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A second user added, “this is what PC players have been complaining about. They don’t want slow-down aim assist removed, they want rotational toned down, so it doesn’t stick to you and give you 100% accuracy.”

The most significant point of contention is controller players receiving an unfair advantage. “Honestly, impressive how people can blindly believe this isn’t flat-out broken; it’s not even “aim assist” anymore; it’s just aiming for you.”

Modern Warfare 2’s beta gave us a taste of its aim assist, and players are outraged with the amount of aim assist controller players have. The debate appears to have no solution in sight for either side.

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