Aydan calls for Warzone controller aim assist nerfs to tackle “unfair” advantage

Aydan streamingAydan

Aim assist has been a point of contention in Warzone since the game’s release and Aydan has now called for the developers to nerf it. 

While both PC and console have their own unique advantages and disadvantages in Warzone, there’s no denying how potent controller aim assist is. From quickly snapping onto targets in close-quarter fights to effortlessly slide canceling around the battlefield, controller players certainly have a lot of advantages. 

However, the strongest and most divisive feature has always been aim assist. While this feature has been a point of contention since CoD’s crossplay integration with PC, Aydan believes controller aim assist needs to be nerfed in the game, citing how “unfair” it is when compared to its mouse and keyboard counterpart.

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Aydan calls out “unfair” Warzone controller aim assist

Despite predominantly playing Warzone with a controller, Aydan decided to mix things up for his viewers. During his recent Warzone stream, the popular CoD content creator switched over to mouse and keyboard to test out how it impacts his overall gameplay. 

While the streamer did manage to claim some kills with the setup, he did appear to have a rather difficult time, especially during close-quarter engagements. However, it was during a very close engagement when the streamer pointed out how unfair he believes aim assist to be when compared to mouse and keyboard. 

“Mouse and keyboard is hard, dude,” said the streamer after getting eliminated by another player. “Up close, you have to have perfect aim. Controller, you just get perfect aim for free — it’s kind of sad. I think aim assist should definitely be nerfed in [Warzone]. It should definitely be nerfed a little bit. It’s so unfair, I’m not even trolling.” 

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Whether the developers will make any changes to controller aim assist with the release of Warzone 2 remains to be seen, but for now, it will continue to be a divisive feature within the casual and competitive scene.