Insane Modern Warfare 2 clips show off “overpowered” aim assist

Philip Trahan
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Modern Warfare 2 players are outraged with the amount of aim assist controller players have during the ongoing open beta period.

The debate surrounding aim assist in First Person Shooters is one that has continued for quite some time.

For those who may not know, aim assist is a tool that helps compensate precise aiming for those using controllers instead of mouse and keyboard controls.

Now, that debate has sparked once again thanks to the “overpowered” aim assist apparently present in the ongoing Modern Warfare 2 open beta.

Clip shows crazy aim assist in Modern Warfare 2

A clip comes from content creator Maxiq on Twitter, who said, “I actually feel bad for [mouse and keyboard] players in COD.”

The attached video shows Maxiq shooting at a far-off enemy before two more come rushing through the doorway in front of him.

On the surface, it looked as though he effortlessly tracked both opponents to get a triple kill. However, Maxiq gave a bit of context to paint the bigger picture.

“Context of this clip: I literally didn’t even move my thumbstick at all to switch between the targets. It was all aim assist…”

The tweet went viral, gaining over 7,500 likes with hundreds of responses from Call of Duty fans and content creators replying with their own opinions on the clip.

“It’s a lost cause bro. 99.9% of the player base doesn’t even understand the complexity of the issue and thinks we’re trying to get them to remove aim assist,” said content creator and pro player HusKerrs.

On the other hand, plenty of players simply believed Maxiq was lying and actually manually aimed at the players in the clip.

“Stop lying…of course you’ve moved a bit,” said one Twitter user, to which Maxiq replied, “Literally didn’t move at all, don’t see a reason why I would lie about this.”

As the clip sparked a bit of controversy with players who claimed he actually aimed throughout it, Maxiq made a video titled “Call of Duty Aim Assist is OVERPOWERED here is why…” where he broke down what exactly happened in greater depth.

Those interested in learning a bit more about aim assist in Modern Warfare 2 should give the video a look, but for now, it seems Infinity Ward may need to reevaluate just how strong aim assist is on controller.

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