Modern Warfare 2 players want no killstreak mode after seeing it’s possible

Ryan Lemay
Shipment map in Call of Duty Modern Warfare 2

Modern Warfare 2 added a new game mode that doesn’t have killstreaks, raising the question of why other playlists can’t follow suit.

Season 3 finally brought back Gunfight. The intense 2v2 game mode cultivated a passionate fan base in Modern Warfare 2019 and received similar acclaim this go around. JackFrags called Gunfight the best thing to come from MW2019 and MW2.

The mid-season update expanded upon the 2v2 game mode by bringing back Faceoff. The 3v3 variant boasts the same maps as Gunfight but allows players to use their own loadouts in Kill Confirmed, Domination, and TDM matches.

Modern Warfare 2 fans celebrated the mode’s revival and want one of its core features brought to another popular playlist.

Modern Warfare 2 players call for no killstreak mode

Activision re-introduced Face Off as part of the Season 3 Reloaded update, and a player picked up on a specific stipulation unique to the game mode.

Face off restricts the use of killstreaks and field upgrades. This prompted the OP to ask: “Ok, so they can disable killstreaks and field upgrades. Why haven’t they made a Shipment 24/7 mode of this?”

Shipment is a fan-favorite map, perfect for leveling up weapons or completing camo challenges. The developers constantly release a 24/7 playlist for the map because of its popularity, but that doesn’t necessarily mean its the perfect experience.

Shipment matches are always chaotic and fast-paced, though some community members have argued the constant bombardment of killstreaks actually detracts from their enjoyment.

One player responded: “Killstreaks are one of the reasons why I don’t like playing on the map unless I’m grinding for something.”

Offering up a compromise, a second user suggested: “I would love a traditional killstreak mode with only UAV, air strike, support helo.”

Call of Duty Vanguard temporarily released a Shipment playlist with no killstreaks, and players looked back on it fondly. “Vanguard had no streaks shipment, and it was amazing.”

Now that Modern Warfare 2 players know it’s possible, they can’t help but imagine a new Shipment playlist free of killstreaks.