Modern Warfare 2 players call out “horrible” maps and lasers for ruining Gunfight

Gunfight in Modern Warfare 2Activision

Season 3 re-introduced Gunfight to Modern Warfare 2, but community members blasted a few problems holding the mode back from reaching its full potential.

Modern Warfare 2019 struck gold with Gunfight. In the 2v2 game mode, players either eliminate the enemy team or capture a flag if both teams are alive after 40 seconds. The first squad to win six rounds is crowned victorious.

Players praised the mode’s fast-paced gameplay and pick-up and play capability. Gunfight established a passionate fan base, and Season 3 finally added the beloved experience to Modern Warfare 2. Unfortunately, some players believe the mode lost a bit of its luster in this latest iteration.

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Weak map pool and laser attachments hold MW2 Gunfight back

Modern Warfare 2 GunfightInfinity Ward
MW2 players have been waiting for Gunfight since launch.

A Modern Warfare 2 player posted a clip of MW2 Gunfight gameplay on Reddit and asked for opinions on the mode, so far.

Clearly, community members still acclaim Gunfight as one of the best modes in the game. However, a few issues reared their ugly heads, resulting in rising tensions.

MW2 Gunfight launched with four maps. By the end of MW2019’s lifecycle, the game had 19 maps; Black Ops: Cold War cut that number down to nine. It’s still obviously early, but it’s much more prevalent of an issue when players don’t enjoy a map and have fewer options.

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The four MW2 Gunfight maps are Alley, Blacksite, Exhibit, and Shipment.

Alley caught some flack, as one player responded: “Alley is horrible, and that’s three out of the new maps they made.”

A second user added, “Not as much a fan of all of the maps this go around.”

Gunfight provides competitors with pre-built loadouts. A few of the loadouts feature lasers, and some users complained that the bright lasers give their location away too easily.

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“The lasers ruin the gameplay flow of the gunfight,” one player argued. “I hate Having to hide and conceal my laser so the enemy doesn’t know where I’m looking/going.”

The game mode is currently available as a playlist on the main page of multiplayer and made a strong first impression on new fans and series veterans alike.

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