Modern Warfare 2 players bash “infuriating” removal of Shipment playlist


Modern Warfare 2 players heaped Infinity Ward’s latest spin on Shipment with praise, and were equally as disappointed when the 24/7 Shipment playlist disappeared.

Season 1 Reloaded re-introduced Shipment to Modern Warfare 2 with a fresh coat of paint. Instead of its usual ground-locked environment, the fan-favorite multiplayer map takes place on top of a ship during a storm.

Modern Warfare 2019’s iteration allowed players to climb on top of the crates to get a better vantage point, but the developers removed verticality from MW2’s version, and community members love the new direction. The developers added a 24/7 playlist to celebrate Shipment’s launch, which proved to be the perfect stomping ground for grinding camos.

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On January 11, a Shoot House playlist replaced Shipment as part of a playlist update. Shoot House is also a fan-favorite map, but players weren’t ready to lose one in favor of the other.

The classic Call of Duty map Shipment in MW2 2022.Activision
The classic Call of Duty map Shipment in MW2 2022.

Modern Warfare 2 players demand a Shoot The Ship Playlist

In a perfect world, players want the ability to play Shoot House and Shipment playlists at the same time. Shoot the Ship provided just that in Modern Warfare 2019, featuring an endless loop of Shoot House and Shipment.

The playlist went down in history as one of the most memorable in series history, and fans want it back for MW2.

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A frustrated MW2 player took to Reddit and said, “Shipment is gone, this is how they listen to the community.”

One community member responded, “Shipment is gone?! I played it during launch and had no idea it was going. I never knew how much I missed it until it was gone.”

A second user added, “Shipment 24/7 is where I spent my time after work when I didn’t have any of my friends on for Warzone and didn’t have a lot of time for DMZ antics. This is a bummer.”

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Players believed the next logical step for the developers would have been adding the famed playlist as a third Redditor said, “D*mn I I knew it was going, but I thought it’d get swapped for shoot the ship.”

Modern Warfare 2 players will, unfortunately, have to wait until Season 2 or another playlist update before getting Shipment back.

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