Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded patch notes: 6v6 MP map, Faceoff, more

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Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded introduces two new game modes and one new 6v6 multiplayer map.

Community members heavily criticized a lackluster offering of MW2 content in Season 2. Infinity Ward responded by adding two new 6v6 maps and brought back the fan-favorite game mode Gunfight for Season 3. The intense 2v2 mode caught some initial flack, but a subsequent update restored good faith.

Season 3 also added two battle maps and marked the return of NVG, which is a night vision goggle mode.

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The mid-season update builds off early momentum, adding a few more environments for fans to enjoy.

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MW2 Season 3 Reloaded adds new modes and one map.

New maps and game modes highlight Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded

Season 3 added two original 6v6 maps, and the mid-season update introduces another, Alboran Hatchery. The medium-sized space is set on a hillside beneath wind farm turbines. Players can use storage and warehouse facilities as cover.

Infected is a fan-favorite game mode, but XP farming plagues MW2’s iteration. Users abuse the mode by sitting AFK and collecting XP instead of playing. Hopefully, Giant Infection won’t suffer the same fate, as the new game mode transports the controversial mode to a larger environment with more players.

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Faceoff features 3v3 Kill Confirmed, Domination, TDM, on Gunfight maps with whatever loadout you would like to use. Gunfight O.S.P. is the opposite as players spawn in with fists and need to pickup weapons off the wall.

Modern Warfare 2 Season 3 Reloaded early patch notes

Here are the MW2 Season 3 Reloaded patch notes.

General changes

  • Players will no longer be awarded “One Shot One Kill” for earning kills with the Cranked bomb explosion
  • Updated the Gunfight mode description to be more clear about win conditions 
  • Removed laser attachments from all Gunfight Loadouts
  • Enabled an oxygen meter in Core Multiplayer
  • Set enemy Players and the Overtime flag to always show preview outlines while the pre-match countdown is active in Gunfight

Weapon buffs and nerfs

Submachine Guns

  • BAS-P
    • ADS Speed increased 
    • Headshot Damage Multiplier decreased 
    • Maximum Damage increased 
    • Maximum Damage Range increased 
    • Mid-far Damage increased 
    • Mid-far Damage Range increased 
    • Minimum Damage increased 
    • Minimum Damage Range increased 
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • Vaznev-9K
    • Maximum Damage Range decreased 

Assault Rifles

  • Chimera
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • ISO Hemlock
    • Maximum Damage decreased 
    • Mid Damage decreased 
    • Minimum Damage decreased 
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased 
    • Extremities Multipliers decreased 
  • Kastov 545
    • Close-mid Damage Range decreased 
    • Mid Damage Range decreased 
  • Kastov 762
    • Extremities Multipliers decreased 
  • Kastov-74u
  • Lachmann-556
    • Close-mid Damage increased 
    • Maximum Damage Range increased 
    • Mid Damage Range added 
    • Upper Torso Multiplier increased 
  • M16
    • Close-mid Damage Range increased 
    • Maximum Damage Range increased 
    • Cooldown time between bursts decreased
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • M4
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • M13B
    • ADS Speed increased slightly 
    • Damage Ranges increased 
    • Hip Spread Accuracy increased slightly 
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • TAQ-56
    • Maximum Damage Range decreased 

Battle Rifles

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  • FTAC Recon
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time 
  • SO-14 
    • Lower Torso Multiplier increased 
    • Maximum Damage increased 

Light Machine Guns

  • RAPP H
    • Reduced ‘First Raise’ animation time
  • SAKIN MG38
    • Reduced  ‘First Raise’ animation time



  • Explosive
    • Bullet Velocity decreased 
  • .500 Snakeshot
    • Tuning enabled


  • Laser visibility decreased 
  • Canted Vibro-Dot 7
    • Now blocks Core BP2 Underbarrel 
  • 7mW Canted Laser
    • Now blocks Core BP2 Underbarrel 


  • Fennec
    • Fennec Double Tap Mod
      • Maximum Ammo Reserves increased
  • Starting Ammo increased
  • STB 556
    • Single Tap Mod
      • Cooldown time between shots decreased

The Magazine adjustments below apply to all Attachments depending on whether they are larger or smaller relative to a Weapon’s base Magazine capacity. These changes will mean, on average, larger capacity Magazines are considerably less punitive, and smaller capacity Magazines offer substantially more upside. 

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  • Large
    • ADS Speed penalty decreased 
    • Movement Speed penalties decreased 
  • Small
    • ADS Speed benefit increased 
    • Movement Speed benefits increased 
    • Sprint to Fire Speed benefit increased 


  • Lockshot KT85
    • Horizontal Recoil Control decreased 
    • Vertical Recoil Control increased 


  • Kazan-Holo
    • Reticle visibility improved 


  • FJX Imperium
    • FJX Lux-7
      • Aim Walking Speed benefit increased
      • Aiming Idle Stability penalty increased
      • Sprint Speed benefit increased
  • RIB400
    • Recoil Control benefit increased
    • ADS Speed penalty increased
  • X12
    • XRK Pistol Stock
      • Movement Speed penalities decreased
  • X13 Auto
    • XRK Bar Stock
      • Movement Speed penalties decreased 
    • XRK Dynamic Precision Stock
      • Movement Speed penalties decreased  
    • X13 Coachwhip Stock
      • Movement Speed penalties decreased


Corvus Masterkey 

  • ADS Speed increased 
  • ADS Pellet Spread decreased 
  • Ammo Reserve increased 
  • Mid Damage Range increased slightly 

Private Matches

  • Set the default Drop Zone rotation order to “Linear”
  • Updated the “Spectating” option values to be more descriptive of what they represent
  • Set the default round limit to 6 in Search and Destroy
  • Set the default round limit to 6 for Gunfight
  • Added Black Gold as a selectable Map 
  • Removed the “Care Package Drop Time” options for game modes that do not support Killstreaks
  • Updated the score limit for Grind to be 60 points
  • Added the FJX Imperium and Cronen Squall as selectable weapons in relevant options for One In the Chamber, Infected, and Gunfight

Ranked Play

  • Find A Party: Multiplayer Ranked Play players can utilize the ‘Find a Party’ feature to find Squadmates of similar Skill before searching for a match.
    • This feature includes the following preference filters:
      • In-Game Communication Style: No Preference, Voice, Ping Only, and Text
      • Main Language: Select up to 3 language preferences: English (EN), French (FR), German (DE), Italian (IT), or Spanish (EU) (ES)
      • Playstyle: Competitive has been pre-selected and will remain locked for Party Finder.

Bug Fixes

  • Fixed an issue where Players could not deploy the MGB while swimming underwater
  • Fixed an issue where getting DDoSed while holding a Javelin would prevent lock on
  • Fixed a small number of issues that prevented the Perk widget from updating properly in All or Nothing matches
  • Fixed an issue with the Equipment base widget so that it correctly shows the recharge progress of Equipment if the “Restock” Perk is active in All or Nothing matches
  • Fixed an issue with the Cranked timer not being given to Players who eliminate another Player with the “Survivor” Perk active
  • Fixed an issue where invalid Camo references were being applied to weapons if the Player were to go on a winning streak in Gunfight
  • Fixed an issue where Shock Sticks were being equipped as lethal Equipment in Gunfight
  • Fixed an issue where the out of bounds timer could be reset
  • Fixed unintended exploits on Pelayo’s Lighthouse and Himmelmatt Expo 

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