Jackfrags praises “addictive” Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight mode

Modern Warfare 2 GunfightInfinity Ward

Infinity Ward brought back Gunfight for Modern Warfare 2, and Jackfrags can’t get enough of the fan-favorite game mode.

Fans have been waiting for Gunfight since the launch of MW2, and Season 3 finally re-introduced the intense 2v2 matches. Unfortunately, the developers made a few changes from its original iteration in MW2019, and some players blamed “horrible” maps and lasers for ruining their experience.

Gunfight only launched with four maps, failing to impress community members. A few of the pre-built loadouts also feature lasers, resulting in some users complaining that the bright lasers give their location away too easily.

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Despite mixed reviews, Jackfrags has had a blast playing Gunfight and urged other players to give it a chance.

Jackfrags gives high praise to Modern Warfare 2 Gunfight

Warzone 2 is getting the new Blacksite gulag in Season 3, shortly after the 1v1 gulag was implemented.Activision
Warzone 2’s new Gulag environment is one of the four maps in Gunfight.

Jackfrags recently had some of the most fun he has had on MW2, playing party modes, such as One in The Chamber and Gunfight, for the first time. He experienced similar joy introducing his friend and fellow YouTuber, WillfromWork, to Gunfight.

The YouTuber spent plenty of time playing Gunfight in MW 2019 and claimed the game mode is his favorite in the series.

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“I think that Gunfight is the best thing that has come from Modern Warfare and Modern Warfare 2,” he said. “I could play this for hours and hours and never get bored of it.”

The duo won three straight games, and neither player wanted to stop after seeing what the game mode has to offer.

Will credits the game mode’s fast pace action and intensity for gripping his interest. Jack agreed and can’t wait to revisit it again soon. “Gunfight is very addictive, and I can’t stop playing it.”

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Gunfight is currently available as a playlist in MW2 multiplayer.

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