MW2 player wins Gun Game match on Shipment without moving an inch


A Modern Warfare 2 player miraculously won a Gun Game match on Shipment, despite hardly moving a muscle.

Modern Warfare 2 added the fan-favorite party mode, Gun Game, into Multiplayer as part of the Season 2 update. The original CoD mini-map was an unexpected surprise when players loaded into their first match. Players could finally see an enemy’s location when they fired an unsuppressed weapon, as in most previous CoD titles.

Gun Game provides a style of gameplay suited for most CoD maps. However, Shipment is a much different animal than most environments. Shipment is the smallest map in CoD history, and its fast-paced gameplay sets it apart from any other multiplayer experience the series has to offer.

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One Modern Warfare 2 player showcased an example of why Gun Game on Shipment may have needed more time in the oven before being released.

MW2 fans criticize questionable Shipment Spawns

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Shipment is a fan-favorite map in Modern Warfare 2.

Annoying spawns are nothing new to Call of Duty, especially not Modern Warfare 2. Community members have already slammed the “rigged” spawns on Al Bagra, and YouTuber JGOD explained why the game’s spawn system needs a revamp.

It’s almost impossible to perfect spawns on Shipment, with it being such a close-scale environment, but one player showcased an extreme example of the spawn system’s shortcomings.

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In the video clip below, the player stood in one corner for an entire match and handily won a game of Gun Game on Shipment. Unsuspecting enemies spawned right in front of them or walked right in front, making for an easy target.

One player responded, “very nice. They might as well line up for you in a nice straight line.”

Other players argued that Gun Game’s spawns are also an issue on different maps.

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“I know Shipment is a bad example, but I want to take this opportunity to rant about how awful the spawns in Gun Game are. You always spawn either a few meters in the direction the guy that killed you is running, or you spawn in the line of sight of someone else.”

A third user argued, “Yeah, I have negative thoughts about Gun Game. Doesn’t feel fluid, even on bigger maps.”

Nothing quite compares to a match on Shipment, but MW2 spawns continue to hamper the community’s multiplayer enjoyment.

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