Modern Warfare 2 players mindblown by new GS Magna pistols: “these things are so stupid”

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Modern Warfare 2 GS Magna

Modern Warfare 2 players are mindblown by the brand new automatic GS Magna pistols added to the game in its Season Three Reloaded update, claiming “these things are so stupid” when run Akimbo.

Modern Warfare 2’s Season Three Reloaded update has introduced a variety of new features from a new multiplayer map, weapons, and game modes. Plenty of players are thrilled to try out all these new experiences, but some have found the funnier side surrounding a new automatic pistol, otherwise known as the GS Magna.

This automatic pistol has some serious speed which, when combined with its kickback, looks a lot like a weapon that would hurt the user more than the victim on the other side of the gun. Now, combining the speed and kickback with running it Akimbo has produced some hilarious and ridiculous results, as shown by a fan on Reddit.

Modern Warfare 2 GS Magna

MW2 player shows off “stupid” new automatic GS Magna pistols

Posted to Reddit, one player headed in and destroyed some dummies to show off the rather interesting design of the GS Magna. What followed was a hilarious series of serious kickback that can only be described as wrist-breaking for the poor operator wielding them. Soonafter posting, hundreds headed to the comments to laugh and complain about the new weapon.

“These things are so stupid,” the OP wrote along with the short video detailing an inaccurate and frantic weapon.

Many agreed with the comment, with some labeling the pistol as “The spicy maracas,” highlighting their extremely erratic nature.

Others joked about the state of the operator’s wrists after that shot stating, “Bravo Six, going to Physical Therapy.” While another joked that “med evac would be called in for you immediately because your wrists would disintegrate.”

While some found the funny side in the weapon, other’s called it “the laziest thing I’ve seen IW do” going on to explain that “all they did was recolor/texture the Deagle then changed the script file from “single” to “auto.” slamming the company for their new design.

Many agreed with the commenter, explaining that it “also kinda feels like they just made an attachment and called it a new weapon.”

Despite this, some are loving the weapon, with some explaining that it may be erratic “but in close range instant death”. Others highlighted how “It’s so much fun” and that they were “loving it for sure.”

While it may not be for everyone, fans will undeniably be trying out this erratic weapon as much as they can, even if it is to just get the Akimbo challenges done.

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