Modern Warfare 2 players flock to buy “Roze 2.0” skin from LA Thieves CDL pack

Joe Craven
LA Thieves CDL skin

Modern Warfare 2 players have made the LA Thieves’ Call of Duty League skin one of the game’s most purchased items as they try to take advantage of its similarity to Warzone’s infamous Roze skin. 

The Warzone Roze skin saga will be familiar to anyone who played the first CoD battle royale. The dark and monochromatic skin blended into Verdansk and Caldera’s shaded areas, making identifying and eliminating users incredibly challenging. 

While the skin was believed to have died with the first Warzone, players of the recently released Warzone 2.0 believe they’ve found an alternative. 

Specifically, the LA Thieves’ CDL team skin, released in-game on November 29, has drawn comparisons to Roze because of its dark aesthetic. 

Plenty of Redditors made the comparisons, pointing to the fact it has sold so frequently it’s actually among the best-selling games on Steam, floating around the top 10 every day. 

New Roze skin?

One player argued the LA Thieves’ skin is outselling all the others by such a margin because players believe it will be ‘meta’ and harder to detect. 

“People are only buying it because the skin is super dark,” they said. “They want to have a Roze skin alternative from WZ1.” 

Others agreed, with another post saying “Warzone 2.0 has Roze 2.0” in reference to the LA Thieves’ skin. 

Plenty piled in to criticize its design, arguing that the number of issues caused by Roze in the first Warzone should have prevented a similar skin from being designed. 

One commented: “Put any dark skin like that, immobile, in a cave or any dark spot and it will have the same effect Roze Skin had.”

However, others argued that the skin will be less effective in Warzone 2.0, primarily because the game’s lighting is better than its predecessor and there are fewer shadier areas where visibility is reduced. 

One said: “Black doesn’t really help too much in this game, the lighting is a ton better, it’s almost a hindrance now.”

Whether the LA Thieves skin does become meta and an issue moving forwards is another matter but, based on how well it has sold, players can certainly expect to encounter it frequently in game in the coming weeks and months.