Modern Warfare 2 players bash ‘clueless’ devs over Season Two level cap

Modern Warfare 2 characters on Santa Sena Border Crossing mapActivision

Modern Warfare 2 players have once more hit out at the devs, bashing them as “clueless” over the Season Two level cap.

Modern Warfare 2‘s second season is almost upon us, with a ton of new content for players just around the corner.

Season Two will see new maps, including Valderas Museum — first featured in the game’s beta — and the release of the fan-favorite classic Dome from MW3.

However, the community has taken issue with the multiplayer’s level cap increase, with players slamming the developers ahead of Season Two’s release.

MW2 players bash Season Two level cap

While it was initially announced that the max level would be increased to 500, the devs have backtracked to capping it at 450 instead.

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The community has since shown their frustrations, hitting out at Infinity Ward and bashing them as “clueless” in a February 11 Reddit thread.

“90% of lobbies are going to be max rank after a month, again,” a fan wrote. “Daily challenges are going to be useless for another two months, again. This studio has no clue.”

“They have no clue bc they simply do not care,” another added.

“They are drip feeding levels at this point. Unbelievable,” said one. “Remember when you could buy mw2 and grind your way to 10th prestige with your friends from day 1 and not be dripfed prestige levels of all things?” another fan reminisced.

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Some fans even believe the devs are intentionally trying to kill the hype for the series. “They literally have to be intentionally trying to kill any hype for COD, right?”

Season Two was set to go live on February 1, before being pushed back to February 15. It’s likely that Season Two Reloaded will see additional levels released, but we’ll just have to wait and see.