Modern Warfare 2 “dolphin hop” puts slide cancelling to shame

modern warfare 2 dolphin hopInfinity Ward

The removal of slide cancelling from Modern Warfare 2 has spurred the best and most creative members of the CoD community to come up with something new, and the “turbo hop” is a movement technique that puts the slide cancel to shame.

Mobility has been a pivotal part of the latest games in the Call of Duty series. The engine that was introduced with Modern Warfare (2019) allowed for slide canceling, movement tech that went on to take over Modern Warfare for that year, Warzone, and subsequently Vanguard.

Having become a series mainstay, the (attempted) removal of this movement mechanic in Modern Warfare 2 (2022) has left a hole that the CoD elite have tried to fill. Those looking for more skill expression at high levels of play have been trying everything they can to find new movement tech.

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A month after Modern Warfare 2’s launch, some new, game-breaking movement tech has been discovered.

Modern Warfare 2 “dolphin hop” is breaking the speed limit

The first public displays of this movement tech that caught on were from Meishu and Entervene. And, while the name for this technique is still up in the air, it’s been called the “turbo hop,” “t-hop,” and “dolphin hop” so far.

MW2 players have figured out that you can dolphin dive into a climbable ledge in just the right way; you can mount it and maintain your momentum through the slide. This allows players to shoot at dolphin dive speeds while in midair.

It isn’t as easy as it looks to pull off, but this dolphin hop technique is incredibly effective on certain maps.

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Jake Lucky compiled clips from both of the aforementioned players that shows off what they’re capable of doing with this movement tech.

To properly do a dolphin hop, you have to hit a very specific sweet spot on a ledge. Try to think about diving in a way where the tip of your character model’s toes will touch a ledge. When you try to mount from there, it’ll propel you forward while remaining upright, allowing you to shoot midair.

With a bit of practice, it’s possible to replicate this technique consistently. Whether or not Infinity Ward attempts to patch this out remains to be seen.

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