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MBoZe calls out Mochila for ditching CoD team day after joining

Published: 24/Nov/2018 20:40 Updated: 24/Nov/2018 22:02

by Calum Patterson


OpTic Gaming member Marcus ‘MBoZe’ Blanks has spoke out on Twitter, after his former teammate left their team at 4:30 in the morning, less than two days after forming.

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MBoZe and Mochila had announced their roster, also featuring former Luminosity player Jeremy ‘StuDyy’ Astacio, Brandon ‘Nelson’ McKinney and Jon ‘Bullseye’, on November 22.

The team had set their sights on competing together at CWL Vegas, and were in search of an organization, but their ambitions have been cut short quickly.

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Expected to start practicing together on the evening of November 23, it appears some members of the team didn’t get on to scrim, prompting Mochila to question the dedication of his teammates.


On the morning of November 24, Mochila posted on Twitter announcing he had joined a new team, and was yet again looking for an organization, to which MBoZe replied bluntly “Drunken fuck”.

It was unclear what had transpired, but MBoZe later posted to say that Mochila had left their team in the early hours of November 24. Mochila explained his reasons, after the team didn’t practice in their first day as a squad.

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In response, MBoZe seemed to infer that this was the only occasion when it someone else’s fault that the team didn’t get onto practice, insinuating that it is typically Mochila who isn’t showing up.


CWL analyst and former pro player Anthony ‘NAMELESS’ Wheeler even suggested that Mochila ‘does this every year’.

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Mochila is now moving forward with his new squad, featuring former Ghost Gaming player Devin ‘LlamaGod’ Tran.

It’s unclear if MBoZe, StuDyy and co. will stick together in search of a fifth player or will unravel and go their separate ways now that Mochila has left.

With only two weeks until the first event of the CWL Season in Las Vegas on December 7, they will want to ensure they find a fifth member soon and get some much needed practice before travelling to compete.