Major change might make Modern Warfare 2’s most hated map playable again

Jessica Filby
Modern Warfare 2 Border Crossing

One major change may have finally made Modern Warfare 2’s most hated map playable again, with tons of players thanking the devs for the change — but not all are convinced.

From the moment players tried out Santa Seña Border Crossing it was clear there would be a love/hate relationship between the map and players. Some swear by the chaotic and explosive smaller map, enjoying peaking behind cars, charging the enemy, or exploding vehicles to take down whole teams. While others have deemed it the most hated map in MW2 and will instantly back out if it appears in their rotation.

Now, combatting that hatred, the Modern Warfare 2 devs have made a major change to Santa Seña Border Crossing, potentially making it playable for all fans. In the Season 4 Reloaded Patch Notes, the devs explained a change, detailing that “the vehicles in Santa Seña Border Crossing will no longer explode.” Such an alteration has divided players but may finally turn around some opinions of the map.

Modern Warfare 2’s most hated map may finally be playable again after major changes

Posting on Reddit, one user highlighted the changes, joking that it “only took them 8 months to fix this map” while sharing the removal of exploding vehicles.

This quickly started a debate, with many players exclaiming how happy they were with the decision. One fan stated, “this may potentially make it no longer the worst map in the entire game, although the spawns still make it pretty terrible.” Further exploring the notion that exploding cars are not the only issue players have with the map.

Other players, who focused more on the Search and Destroy games in Border Crossing thanked the developers for their decision, calling it “one of the greatest changes to happen to the game for Search and Destroy players.”

However, while many MW2 players are praising the devs for this shift, some are criticizing the decision, highlighting how “environmental damage was a fun twist to the map,” therefore granting Border Crossing a unique yet chaotic implementation.

“I hated it but there goes the gimmick. Should’ve just deleted it completely” said one user, explaining that the only unique element from Border Crossing was its exploding vehicles, making it a relatively simplistic map without such a gimmick.

During the debate, one player explored an idea to compromise on both sides of the argument: “I would have actually preferred if they would still explode, but it would take more damage to do so. Like semtex and frags shouldn’t be able to explode a car with only one, maybe two or three. Rockets and C4 however, I could see where only one would be able to explode a car.”

Who knows, thanks to these changes, even if some disagree with them, we may see Border Crossing fully cementing itself into players’ map rotations, allowing for even more chaos than before, just with fewer explosions.

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