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Loony and Karma want Call of Duty to take a feature from Gears of War

Published: 7/Feb/2019 16:47 Updated: 7/Feb/2019 17:05

by Matt Porter


OpTic Gaming’s Damon ‘Gears of War.

The pair are currently competing in the Call of Duty World League for their respective teams, but have some issues with the way that Black Ops 4 plays.

Specifically, both players don’t like the current method used to spawn players into the map at the start of matches, which is randomized, meaning that it’s impossible to practice any early strats based on where players spawn.

Loony and Karma want a mechanic from Gears of War introduced to CoD.

Loony believes that changing to a system with predetermined initial spawns would be beneficial to squads attempting early strategies, tweeting: “Set initial spawns will make breakoffs more consistent. It’s mostly a coin flip that could potentially impact an entire map. That way you can practice timings and routes that will be consistent every time.”

Karma immediately agreed, citing moments that can affect matches like
when the player using the Grapple Gun spawns furthest back, something
that Loony believes is an issue on the Frequency map.

“Frequency, for example,” wrote Loza. “You can have the worst spawn
with the Grapple Gun, and if their Grapple Gun player gets the best
spawn, it changes everything.” This is because the player with the
better spawn can use the item to get into any position on the map
slightly quicker than the player with the worse spawn.

Whether Treyarch would ever introduce this option into Black Ops 4, or future CoD titles, remains to be seen, but the developers do seem to be listening to what pro players have to say, banning items in the official CWL ruleset that players had agreed not to use.

OpTic Gaming’s CWL Pro League season has already started, sitting at 2-1 while missing regular starter Brandon ‘Dashy’ Otell. Splyce have yet to kick off their campaign, as they were placed in Division B. You can keep up with all the action using our CWL Pro League hub.

Call of Duty

Warzone players want Juggernaut removed to stop ruining games

Published: 3/Dec/2020 17:30

by Lauren Bergin


The Juggernaut has been a controversial drop since its introduction into Call of Duty: Warzone, and the vast majority of players are now calling on the developers to remove it.

Juggernaut suits in Warzone are annoying for obvious reasons: they can withstand almost endless damage and are gifted a deadly minigun. Although maybe a fun gimmick at first, players are now getting tired of it taking over the battle royale.

Players have been venting their frustrations about it for a while now, but there has been no development in the Juggernaut controversy. So, when we asked dedicated Call of Duty fans’ opinions on the Juggernaut’s potential removal, the response was resounding.

What they’re saying is pretty unanimous: remove the Juggenaut from Warzone.

Juggernaut Suit CoD Warzone
Activision, Infinity Ward
The Juggernaut suit has become one of the most controversial parts of CoD: Warzone.

Warzone players want Juggernaut removed

Our original question was straightforward: “Should the Juggernaut be removed from Warzone?”

The response is also pretty straightforward: yes. However, fans had a lot of things to say in their own creative ways, so we’ve collated some of the best responses here.

One fan actively questioned why the dev team ever decided to include the drop in the first place because of how overpowered it is, referring to it as “one of the most stupidly OP thing left in Warzone”.

Another fan also referred to having the Juggernaut as being “game over” for whoever does not have access to the suit.

This was quickly echoes by another player who states that it “completely breaks the game”, which is hardly what developers want to hear.

Finally, using their own experience another fan vented about a situation that seems to be constantly reoccurring throughout the comments: that playing against the Juggernaut in any situation is unplayable.

Warzone’s developers have largely been very receptive to fan criticism, however, when it comes to this there’s been very little development over the past few months. Maybe if fans keep pushing something will change.

Warzone is being integrated into the newest Call of Duty release, Black Ops Cold War, alongside the game’s first season in December. Perhaps then, some sweeping changes will be made – and the hated Jugg will be removed for good.