Leak reveals everything coming in CoD Mobile Season 11

Connor Bennett
Captain Price and the Halloween Standoff map

With Call of Duty Mobile Season 11 on the horizon, a leak has revealed the patch notes for the major update and we know pretty much everything that is coming during the new season. 

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As CoD Mobile Season 10 is quickly approaching its endpoint, players are looking forward to what Season 11 has in store for them. 

In September, the devs confirmed that there wouldn’t be a test server so that they could keep things under wraps, but they did ultimately reveal the new map and scorestreak for the season.

However, with Season 11 only a few days away, Garena – who publish the game in Southeast Asia – have let a few things slip on their official Facebook page. 

Halloween Standoff in COD Mobile
Halloween Standoff is also set to return in CoD Mobile Season 11.

New weapons and perk

As noted, the new scorestreak, the Advanced UAV, and the newest map – King from CoD: Modern Warfare – had been revealed thanks to the roadmap that appeared in-game on October 10.

In addition to those two, the Cranked multiplayer game mode was also revealed. However, weapons and a new perk were teased without giving too much away.

Now though, this leak has revealed that the NA-45 from Advanced Warfare, will be the first weapon in CoD Mobile to deal explosive damage with a second shot. There also looks to be an additional unnamed weapon coming too. There is also the brand new perk, Tactician. The perk will allow players to use an additional piece of tactical equipment.

NA-45 Dragon Dance skin in CoD Mobile
The NA-45 had been available in CoD Mobile before, but it is now returning.

New weapon options – Akimbo & Ammo

As well as those big additions, Season 11 will also introduce new perk options for certain weapons. 

This includes being able to use Akimbo with the Fennec, 5.45 ammo for the AK47, and Large Caliber Ammo for the HVK-30. The new ammo will help these weapons do increased damage, especially with headshots.

Battle Royale changes

Battle Royale players aren’t going to be left out. Though rumors have suggested that the Alcatraz map will be available, that’s not mentioned in Garena’s post.

Instead, there is a new weapon in the form of the Purifier, a new gun mod called Sleuth, and a new ammo type called Ballistic Expert. Sleuth will help do more damage and show an enemy on the minimap, while Ballistic Expert is ammo for special weapons like the Purifier and Tempest. 

CoD Mobile battle royale mode players
CoD Mobile’s battle royale mode is also in for some changes.

Of course, there will be plenty of new cosmetics to use too – both in the way of new soldiers, and weapon skins. 

There are also plenty of improvements coming to both multiplayer and battle royale modes in the form of bug fixes, weapon balancing, as well as some quality of life changes. 

The multiplayer changes can be found below, translated from the Garena Facebook page. However, the translations on some of these, as well as the other changes for battle royale and beyond, are slightly broken so we’ll have to wait for the official notes for complete confirmation. 

CoD Mobile Season 11 early patch notes

Multiplayer changes

  • Increased QQ9 damage when equipped with 10mm 30-round reload 
  • AK47: Reduced recoil and precision control.
  • FHJ-18 launcher gun can fire without waiting to lock on to a target
  • Reduce the explosive radius of the FHJ-18 projectile. 
  • Increased the explosive radius of the SMRS projectile,
  • Slightly reduce the speed of movement and attack of Shadow Blade skills
  • Reduced enemy target locking, cooldown sensitivity, 
  • Annihilator skill persistence time slightly, slightly increases projectile speed, bullet sensitivity, and War Machine agility. 
  • The flash from Transform Shield is replaced by a Continuous microwave emissions in front of the shield. Deals damage and slow down enemies in range
  • Increased the speed of throwing a grenade
  • Increase the range of Thermite’s damage range
  • Reduced trophy system range
  • Increased range of flashbang grenade, concussion grenade, and EMP
  • Reduced the range of enemy awareness of Alert perk
  • Decreased the initial damage range of Molotov
  • Improved the animation of crouching, and then running.
  • Added Death Gestures