CoD Mobile devs reveal new map and mode coming in Season 11

Connor Bennett
CoD Mobile anniversary logo

The CoD Mobile devs have confirmed some of the new content coming in Season 11, including the next map and mode, as well as new perks. 

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With Call of Duty Mobile Season 10 coming to a close, there has been plenty of interest about what Season 11 could have in store. 

However, the devs have kept things mostly under wraps. There has been no test server ahead of the one-year anniversary update, and as for teasers and reveals, they’ve been kept to a minimum.

The devs have dropped small teasers in replies to fans about “surprises” coming in the new season, as well as hints about “multiple” weapons. However, they’ve now finally revealed their roadmap for the new season – and it includes some exciting new content. 

Halloween Standoff in COD Mobile
Halloween Standoff is also set to return in CoD Mobile.

Season 11’s roadmap appeared in-game on October 9 once players logged in for the first time, so if you quickly brushed it aside, you might have missed some key details about what’s coming up.

The biggest of which is the new map – King. Just like the Gulag in Season 9 and Pine in Season 10, King comes from Call of Duty: Modern Warfare’s Gunfight mode. 

On top of that, there will also be a new multiplayer game mode in the form of Cranked. If you’ve never played it before, it’s a spin on the typical Team Deathmatch. Players have 30 seconds to get a kill or they’ll explode, and for each kill you get, you will receive bonus points. 

The roadmap for CoD Mobile Season 11.
The roadmap for CoD Mobile Season 11.

The roadmap also confirms one of the game’s new killstreaks in the form of the Advanced UAV. This had been teased by the devs back in September after one fan begged them for a Blackbird-like scorestreak. 

As for when the new season will drop, the devs have confirmed that will happen on October 14 at 5 PM PST/8 PM EST/1 AM BST. Once the update is released, there will be plenty of new content that comes with it too, but that will only be unveiled at that point.