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CoD Mobile devs respond to “gambling” style loot box controversy

Published: 28/Sep/2020 4:59

by Brad Norton


One week following a huge wave of backlash from the Call of Duty: Mobile community, developers have responded to the controversy and outlined how things can be improved moving forward.

CoD Mobile has been flourishing lately with major seasonal updates giving players more to do with each passing month. From new maps and modes to fresh battle royale updates and plenty more. There’s always new content on the horizon for the handheld shooter.

While the game itself is constantly evolving, it was recently put on blast for its outdated microtransaction model. Players can directly purchase some items, though many unlocks are tied down with randomized loot boxes. In and of itself, this wasn’t a huge deal throughout the first few seasons.


It soon became an issue as fans compared prices in the CoD Mobile store to those found in 2019’s Modern Warfare. With players spending hundreds of dollars and coming away with barely any rare items to show for it, the devs were forced to respond. Here’s what they said in light of the recent controversy.

CoD Mobile loot
CoD Mobile players were fed up with the price of randomized loot boxes.

With the September 25 Community Update, they touched on all sorts of new content and upcoming challenges. Though the developers also took the time to address one topic “in particular.” One that they “[needed] to discuss in length.”

“Over the last week or two we’ve been seeing many conversations and discussions about bundles, crates, and our overall store,” they addressed. Back in April, they hosted a test with all players around the globe. This test was to check the popularity of bundles in comparison to RNG-based loot crates.


“Based on community feedback and player behavior we arrived at an approach that offered maximum choice to users.” To this day, no singular method is prioritized for CoD Mobile. “Bundles, crates, draws, robust credit store, they’re all there.”

CoD Mobile store
From weapon skins to Operators, there’s plenty to unlock in the CoD Mobile store.

Every method is available to every player in an attempt to offer “maximum choice,” they stressed. Whether you purchase an unlock directly through points, or you pay for a bundle outright, many options are available.

“We’ll keep reading, keep taking in feedback, and keep discussing new ways to add systems or improvements that help improve your experience with our store. Thank you all for the many discussions about this and for the passion driving the communities behind it.


CoD Mobile developers respond
Reddit: CoD_Mobile_Official
The full response from the CoD Mobile developers.

There was no specific plan of attack on how micronstractions could be changing in CoD Mobile. Though the devs confirmed that various features are already in the works. “There are many changes and improvements we plan to make,” they said.

Keep your eyes peeled as we gear up for Season 11. It could be too early for any major changes to go through, but perhaps some minor adjustments will arrive.