Leak claims Modern Warfare could have Fortnite-like creator codes


A new leak has suggested that Call of Duty: Modern Warfare could be getting creator codes very similar to those in Fortnite – giving content creators a chance to earn a little bit of cash when fans use their codes in the COD Store.

Through the COD Store, players can buy all manner of weapon skins, operator outfits or add-ons to enhance their Modern Warfare experience, and now it looks like Activision wants to follow in Epic Games’ footsteps and help give back a little more to the most popular players.

Creator codes were introduced into Fortnite and help streamers and YouTubers make a little bit of extra income – in fact, Tfue even said at one point this his main source of income was from his creator code.

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Epic Games
The Fortnite creator codes have helped make some serious money for popular YouTubers and streamers.

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Taking a leaf out of Epic Games’ very successful book, it looks like codes will be coming to Modern Warfare if reputable leaker TheGamingRevolution is to be believed, having found a reference to them in the latest update.

According to TGR, the reference says: “Support your favorite Call of Duty creator with your in-game purchases. Creators will receive a portion of each purchase made using their code. This code will expire after 14 days. Enter the creator code below.”

This is almost identical to how Epic Games run Support-A-Creator codes in Fortnite, even down to the 14-day lifespan.

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Of course, as this is only a leak, we can not completely confirm that creator codes are coming until Infinity Ward or Activision themselves say so, but it’s a step in the right direction if so.

It’s not clear how they would supply creator codes if done – of course, you would imagine some of the biggest content creators and pro players would likely get their own code, but there doesn’t seem to be any reference to the process for people to get a code in the leaks.

Reddit user Senescallo also found a reference to the creator codes, as well as some huge information regarding the Season 3 update, including classic maps coming back and even artwork for Modern Warfare 2 Remastered.

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The release date for Modern Warfare Season 3 is April 6, 2020, so all of the above could be coming to the game much sooner rather than later.

Whether creator codes are expected to be available as soon as Season 3 drops is not apparent, but there’s no doubt Call of Duty’s biggest names will be getting excited at the prospect.

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