JoeWo claims Warzone 2 feels “brand-new” after Season 2 improvements

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JoeWo was a major critic of Warzone 2 prior to the Season 2 update, but now the battle royale’s resident ‘Movement King’ believes things are turning around.

Joseph ‘JoeWo’ Wohala was nearly impossible to avoid back in Warzone’s initial heyday. Viral clips of him outplaying helpless opponents were all over the internet at the game’s prime.

He’s still going strong after the switch to Warzone 2, but the game’s slower pacing meant that those kinds of highlights were done and dusted for the time being. After the Season 2 update though, the game got a serious speed buff and Wohala believes it’s back to being fun again.

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JoeWo explains how Warzone 2 Season 2 redeemed the game in his eyes

The ankle-breaker was running some Al Mazrah solos when a fan asked what he thought of the game after the update, and he didn’t hold back when praising the February 15 update changes.

“The overall state of the game has been amazing…before this update, I was not having fun, and I got a feeling a lot of people weren’t having fun. But now with the new movement, plating & running, it’s like playing a brand-new game.”

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“Overall though, it’s so much better now…[no longer] being stuck in place every time that you’re shot, you can’t plate and run. You can’t do anything, you’re just frozen.”

He also cited the 25% Armor Plating speed increase as a major reason it feels better, as players were annoyed over how slow the animation was in comparison to the original game.

Wohala wrapped up by saying that smaller problems, like the ADS speed or strafe speed of certain weapons, could be adjusted to make things even better.

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The overall fan reaction has mirrored JoeWo’s thoughts as players are still enjoying the fresh changes to the game and the arrival of the all-new Ashika Island map.