JGOD’s top 10 Warzone players to watch in NYSL’s $100K Warzonemania tournament

Julian Young
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Andbox / YouTube: JGOD / Instragram: zlaner

Popular content creator JGOD broke down his list of the top ten Warzone competitors heading into NYSL’s highly anticipated $100K Warzonemania tournament — with some picks fans might find quite surprising.

Picking a number one Warzone player, or even drafting a list of the top five or top ten, is a daunting task for anyone when the game’s playerbase is filled with tons of absolutely dominant individuals.

While each list largely depends on the opinion of who’s writing it, fans are always on the lookout for respected voices in the community to provide their own thoughts on how the best Warzone pros and content creators stack up against each other.

Ahead of the massive NYSL $100K Warzonemania tournament, popular content creator JGOD has revealed his top ten Warzone players who will be facing off in the highly anticipated event.

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NYSL / Andbox
NYSL’s second Warzonemania event kicks off June 7.

Some names on JGOD’s list will come as no surprise to competitive Warzone fans, while others that landed in certain spots — and some players that didn’t make the cut at all — might come as a bit of a shock.

The YouTuber’s top ten countdown includes some of Warzone’s most talented, flashy, and richest players in the game. Here’s who JGOD thinks are the top ten competitors heading into the Subliners’ massive Warzonemania event:

  1. Aydan
  2. HusKerrs
  3. SuperEvan
  4. Tommey
  5. ZLaner
  6. Jukeyz
  7. JoeWo
  8. MuTeX
  9. TeeP
  10. Metaphor

NYSL’s tournament is certainly stuffed to the brim with talented competition, and picking ten players out of the sixty-plus involved couldn’t have been easy. JGOD even clarified that he struggled with the exact ranking, and some players could have easily ended up in a different spot.

Not every pro participating in Warzonemania could make the cut, and some beastly competitors like DiazBiffle and Rated weren’t in contention for this particular list, but it’s hard to argue that any of the players JGOD picked don’t deserve the recognition.

While you may not agree with every name on his list or what spot they were put in, JGOD probably has a better idea than most on how each of the players in Warzonemania stack up against the competition. But we’ll know for sure when they drop into Verdansk as the event kicks off on June 7.