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JGOD & Warzone streamers baffled by “ruined” gold camos in recent update

Published: 19/Jan/2022 22:03

by Theo Salaun


At some point between Call of Duty: Warzone’s Pacific launch and now, the game tweaked Vanguard camos. After comparing the current and original designs, JGOD and others can’t believe how badly Gold was “ruined.”

Grinding camos is practically synonymous with the Call of Duty multiplayer experience. While some players enjoy low-level or purchased weapon skins, many enjoy putting in the work to unlock mastery camos.

Vanguard, the franchise’s latest installment, is no different. The camo challenges may be more frustrating than other games, but players are still grinding for Gold, Diamond, and Atomic.

After Black Ops Cold War’s camos disappointed upon Warzone integration, hopes weren’t high for Vanguard. It was therefore a pleasant surprise when those Vanguard camos actually looked phenomenal in the Pacific. Unfortunately, that hasn’t lasted.


JGOD reveals Vanguard camos “ruined” in Warzone

We can now add CoD historian to JGOD’s list of reputations, right alongside weapon analyst and content creator. Having filmed Vanguard’s mastery camos in Warzone right after the Pacific’s December 8 launch, he’s now contrasted them with their current versions.

As you can see in the video, Diamond and Atomic actually look practically identical. If anything, current Atomic might even look a little better.

Gold, on the other hand, looks very different. Much of its original, unique pattern has simply been replaced with a matte black. Realizing this tweak, JGOD complained that “they really ruined the way the Vanguard Gold camo looks in Warzone.”


Warzone mastery camo gold
Warzone’s Gold camos used to have a unique pattern.

In the replies, a number of streamers joined in on the dismayed confusion. XSET Loochy wondered “why any manpower is being put towards working on THIS instead of the bugs.”

KRNG Hero joined in, too, noting just when the change happened: “They changed it since the mid-season update and I’m like bruh why.”

With Warzone Season 2 delayed until February 14, we’ll just have to wait and see if CoD brings back the original, beloved camos as a Valentine’s Day gift.