JGOD explains why Warzone would be better with Verdansk rules "I can't enjoy Caldera" - Dexerto
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JGOD explains why Warzone would be better with Verdansk rules “I can’t enjoy Caldera”

Published: 16/Jan/2022 18:51

by Jaret Kappelman


Since Warzone traveled to the Pacific, players have gone back and forth over which map is better. Warzone guru JGOD gives his point of view of why Verdansk was better than Caldera currently is.  

Warzone bid farewell to Verdansk and welcomed Caldera on December 8 with the first season of the Pacific. While many fans have expressed how much fun the new map has been, others are still reminiscing on the old days of Verdansk.

Warzone expert JGOD joined the debate, stating his case why the old map was better and even claimed that he “can’t enjoy Caldera.”

JGOD reveals changes Caldera needs to be better than Verdansk 

In a YouTube video, JGOD was answering questions that fans sent in. When asked about his future in Warzone, he gave a very detailed answer.


Topic starts at 9:22 for mobile viewers.

While JGOD said he never sees himself not playing Warzone, he does have a couple of major issues with Caldera that has kept him from grinding the new map as much.

Even though the map isn’t what’s pushing him away it’s the mechanics and rules that he doesn’t like. “The rules, the vehicles… planes, I do not like. I would want to play with the exact rules we had the last day of Verdasnk on Caldera.”

warzone caldera POI
Warzone analyst JGOD thinks Caldera would be better with Verdansk rules.

JGOD is in favor of the cash adjustments and the loadout drop change has grown on him. But he thinks the Vanguard aspects that have been added are ruining a potentially good map.


However, he remains hopeful as the early stages of Verdansk weren’t super smooth either. “I think they will make a lot of changes to it over the current year just like they did in year two and year one.”

Raven Software have outlined some massive changes coming up, so we will have to see if they are the ones JGOD had in mind.