Warzone devs double down on controversial ADS changes despite player backlash

Warzone gameplayActivision

Warzone developers at Raven Software have doubled down on a commitment to nerfing ADS speed across the board, despite near-unanimous backlash from pros and top streamers.

Three days ago Raven Software announced plans to increase Warzone’s Time To Kill (TTK). Typically, this means weapon damage nerfs or health increases are rolled out. Though this time around, the devs detailed new ADS changes instead.

Rather than tweaking the obvious stats, Raven aims to “decrease base ADS speeds” across every weapon category. The idea of making it slower to aim your weapon was quickly met with backlash online.

Despite many labeling it the “stupidest idea” and calling it a “step backward,” the devs appear committed. Now, they’ve since doubled down with further details on these upcoming ADS changes in Warzone.

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With almost every weapon set to be affected by this blanket change, Raven first clarified just how it’ll work. “We’re looking to increase the average by about 20ms,” the devs explained.

While some weapons may escape this fate by default, attachments are also in line for ADS adjustments to cover more ground. For example, if your favorite Assault Rifle remains unscathed, there’s a good chance its best attachments may soon lower its ADS potential instead.

“In most cases, we will be taking that ADS speed and leveraging it in attachments to create more interesting builds and meaningful choices.” Thus, having a rapid ADS loadout may soon take away from damage, accuracy, or other vital stats.

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Warzone gameplayActivision
Aiming down sights will soon be a slower mechanic in Warzone.

This sweeping Warzone change comes as a result of ‘blurred lines’ between weapon categories, according to Raven. Where previously Assault Rifles would serve as mid to long-range builds, for instance, many options can now be considered as top-tier SMG-style loadouts.

“This is unhealthy for the game in the long term,” they warned. “Not just because it can result in ‘power creep’ but also because it limits our design space for new weapons.”

There’s no telling how soon these ADS changes may be implemented in Warzone. They could be crammed into this week’s Season 1 Reloaded patch, or they might still be a while off yet.

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We’re sure to learn more about Raven’s plans over the coming days, however. Keep your eyes peeled for further details in the near future.