JGOD explains why Warzone 2 plays ‘more like Apex Legends’ than CoD

YouTube: JGOD

Warzone YouTuber JGOD explained why Warzone 2 needed more time and how it strays away from the traditional CoD Formula.

JGOD began his YouTube career in 2017, and his popularity skyrocketed during Warzone’s heyday. The Warzone guru established himself as a go-to source for loadout guides and tip videos. He is passionate about CoD and unafraid to share his opinion on the negative aspects of the series.

After playing the MW2 Beta, the CoD expert claimed MW2 developers misled players and criticized some of the game’s design choices. JGOD’s true bread and butter is Warzone, so he went into Al Mazrah optimistic but left with a jaded view.

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He explained why Warzone 2 feels closer to Apex Legends or PUBG, and why that decision won’t resonate with everyone.

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Warzone 2 launched worlwide on November 16.

JGOD shares initial Warzone 2 review

in JGOD’s latest YouTube video titled, “Warzone 2.0 feels like it needed more time,” he went over the game’s pros and cons.

Some of the biggest pros mentioned include the look and feel of Al Mazrah, weapon balance, and proximity chat.

“The overall weapon balance is in a really good spot, and I think a lot of that has to do with the fast TTK, which is a little bit of a negative, but the floor loot is able to shine.”

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Warzone 2 players complained about the game’s slower pace, and JGOD shared his thoughts on why community members may feel that way.

“The intent of the gameplay loop is to make it closer to a battle royale experience, so this means playing a little bit closer to the battle royale elements of Apex Legends and PUBG. They have taken a few steps away from Call of Duty to get to PUBG. I’m not necessarily a fan of that, but it is what it is.”

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JGOD biggest gripes with Warzone 2 contribute to the game feeling slower. Sparse cash, spread-out Buy Stations, limited Strongholds, slow vehicles, and split circles are all bogged down matches, in his opinion.

Some other cons were loadouts dropping too late into matches and the new backpack system not contributing enough to warrant its existence.

It is certainly not all doom and gloom for Warzone 2, but JGOD believes a few key changes would go a long way in improving the overall experience.

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