JGOD claims Modern Warfare 2 devs “completely lied” about gameplay

Nathan Warby
JGOD Modern Warfare 2

After dropping into the Modern Warfare 2 beta for the first time, CoD expert JGOD felt that Infinity Ward may have missold the game’s ability to cater for different playstyles.

The Modern Warfare 2 beta is here, giving many players their first taste of what Infinity Ward has in store for them in the next CoD installment.

As you’d expect, there have been plenty of hot takes surrounding the game, with some feeling that Modern Warfare 2 is close to being a solid entry, and others hitting out at changes to the gameplay formula.

Call of Duty guru JGOD offered a fairly balanced view after getting his hands on the Modern Warfare 2 beta, but claimed the devs may have misled players when they said that multiple styles of play would be viable.

In a recent upload to his channel, JGOD was discussing the booming audio created by enemy footsteps in Modern Warfare 2. He argued that this, along with some other design choices, encourages players to sit and camp.

“Another thing I think they completely lied about, based on the stuff I just talked about, they said that they wanted to cater to different playstyles,” he said in the video. “You’ve got the rusher, the sentinel, and the flanker…I don’t really think they’ve done that.

“Flanking is not all that great because you’re audible, [how] the UAVs work, you can’t get Ghost until your fourth Perk. They’ve really mitigated that, so the sentinal player that just stands still is at the biggest advantage.”

He also argued that rushing around the map isn’t much of an option either, because players mounted behind cover can easily pick off enemies that are closing in before they have a chance to fire a single shot. JGOD acknowledged that certain players always like to remain stationary during multiplayer matches, but the YouTuber was concerned that the power has swung too far in their favor.

“There’s always been campers in Call of Duty, but when you give them five different tools to be able to know that somebody’s coming up on them and they can just pre-aim — it gives them too big of an advantage,” he continued.

In fact, JGOD believed that camping was so effective those who play that will easily rack up an impressive K/D in each game.

“If you commit to that playstyle, you’ll go 12 and 1 every match. Get full sets of streaks, call those in, pretty high K/D — enjoy the game. Because if you run around you’re going to get double-digit deaths.”

It wasn’t all doom and gloom, however, as the CoD expert praised Modern Warfare 2’s map design, and welcomed the new weapon progression system.

Hopefully, Infinity Ward can make the most of the good decisions they’ve made by introducing some subtle tweaks to make the game more balanced by the time October 28 rolls around.