JGOD explains why Modern Warfare 2 spawn system needs to change

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The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta ended on September 26, and JGOD gave his final review after extensive playtime. While there were some positives as well, the analyst believes the spawns are in dire need of an overhaul.

As the dust settles from Modern Warfare 2’s Open Beta, players have over a month to collect their thoughts and offer feedback. For some, Infinity Ward’s first-person shooter left a sour taste in their mouth, but for others, the game has the potential to be “really good.”

Popular Warzone YouTuber JGOD lands somewhere in the middle. He went through an extensive list of pros and cons and brainstormed solutions to his issues with the game.

Modern Warfare 2’s mini-map changes top most players’ cons list; However JGOD, believes the true culprit is the game’s spawn system.

Modern Warfare 2 sprint
The Modern Warfare 2 Open Beta ended on September 26.

What is squad spawning?

In JGOD’s latest YouTube video, he reviewed Modern Warfare 2’s Open Beta and broke down his experience from the two beta weekends.

Modern Warfare 2 removed red dots from the mini-map, and player dots only appear when a UAV is active. In previous CoD titles, a red dot would appear if an enemy fired a weapon without a suppressor.

Players bashed the decision, but Infinity Ward doubled down, stating, “we do not want to punish players for firing their weapons.”

Contrary to consensus, JGOD believes removing player dots would be a non-issue if the game’s spawn system was better.

“If the spawns actually worked as you would expect, the mini-map wouldn’t be an issue, but Modern Warfare introduced a squad spawn system which uses irregular spawns and logic.”

In the squad spawn system, players respawned near their teammates, no matter where their squad or enemies were on the map. Every previous CoD game used set spawn points, and players would come back into the game based on enemy locations.

JGOD argued squad spawns disrupt the flow of matches and add an unnecessary layer of complications.

“They have literally copied and pasted it (squad spawns,) and they have made no acknowledgment of their crappy spawn system,” he insisted.

CoD Vanguard used squad spawns but removed them after complaints from players and the Warzone YouTuber wants Infinity Ward to follow suit for Modern Warfare 2.

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