Dr Disrespect claims Modern Warfare 2 is destined to fail for one major reason

Connor Bennett
Dr Disrespect talking to camera in front of Modern Warfare 2 logo

Dr Disrespect believes Modern Warfare 2 is destined to fail just weeks after it launches thanks to the SBMM (skill-based matchmaking) in-game.

After months of waiting, Call of Duty fans have finally been able to get their hands on Modern Warfare 2’s multiplayer modes through the staggered beta weekends.

After the PS5 exclusivity period dropped, the beta has been open for everyone to play, and that means streamers have been jumping in for their first taste of action. Though, some have been left with a bitter taste because of SBMM.

Plenty of players and content creators have hit out at the skill-based matchmaking in public games, with some even reverse boosting in matches to get around it. According to Dr Disrespect, the “horrific” feature could spell disaster for MW2 shortly after launch.

Dr Disrespect believes players will quickly turn their backs on Modern Warfare 2

Like many others, the Two-Time jumped into the open beta portion of things alongside the likes of TimTheTatman, Ninja, and FaZe Swag, but got pretty annoyed with the SBMM.

“I give this game three weeks after launch, Champs, before it like 90 to 95% of it’s population,” The Doc said after being gunned down by an enemy. “I just think people are kind of over multiplayer games, number one, unless they get rid of SBMM. But, if they don’t (get rid of it), it’s three weeks.”

The YouTube star reiterated that belief after the game had concluded. “I don’t even think there is an argument for SBMM. Like, there can’t be a community or group of people that say yeah, we love SBMM. There just can’t be. If there is, you’re a weirdo.”

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As noted, plenty of players have agreed with Doc’s take, with even TimTheTatman backing claims that the player base will quickly fall off a cliff.

It remains to be seen if his prediction ends up being correct, but there will certainly be a split between those playing MW2 and those choosing to drop into Warzone 2 instead.

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